Friday, November 11, 2011

Pesto Autentico

The other Italian restaurant in Jakarta! Pesto Autentico located in the heart of big city, its name easily spread  and known among people. The next question is how good are they? Could they win from another Italian restaurant? 

Complimentary bread welcoming me when I came in. :)
So bad it wasn't warm so even I was in hunger, I just ate 2 slices of them. The bread was a bit rough but after I bit, it became soften. 

Spaghetti Firmati - To be honest, I thoughht this kind of restaurant would give such standard portion. But it came to my table, surprise surprise! The plate was huge. Oval shaped, about 30x15cm big. Not only the plate, the dish itself also came in huge portion. Enough for 2-3 persons I guess. Whoah! Lets try how it tasted like. Spaghetti Firmati was spaghetti with prawn, clams, squid, organic cherry tomatoes, and white wine sauce. The spaghetti was al dente, nice texture, and the sauce was very very nice. The prawn was crunchy which means it was fresh. Everything just fine, except the squid which was overcooked. Yeah, squid is one kind of meat that easily done. But overall, I guess this dish was over my expectation. :)

Going to Italian restaurant without ordering pizza is like walking without shoes. So I determined to order one; Rustica. The waiter said this was one of their recommendation. The pizza's diameter was about 30cm. Not too thick yet not too thin. Crunchy on the side, but bready in the middle. Me lovey. The toppings were tomato sauce, mozzarella, cooked ham and mushrooms. Well, I was hoping for more toppings, but no probs, this was okay. 

Panna Cotta. Funny, they don't write dessert in the menu. So I asked, and there were only 3 kinds of desserts available, and I tried this. Apparently I have nothing to regret. I love this panna cotta! 
The texture was thicker that pudding, but light enough to be called as dessert. Smell like lychee and milky. Actully I'm thinking to try to make this at home. :p

Hot chocolate. Came in a tall glass. Pretty thick chocolate and not sweet. Nice.

I heard they still have a lot of good pasta. I hope I could make another visit. Anybody? ;)

Pesto Autentico 
UOB Plaza - Thamrin Nine, UG Floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin No.10,
Tel: 29937230 


Stevenny said...

drool. haven't got chance to try

Anonymous said...

what are the 3 desserts choice if you still remember?

sara said...

@Stevenny: well, it's worth a try. Don't forget, their portion is huge. :D

@anonymous: err.. I forgot. That's why I didn't write it. hehe. As I remembered, they were panna cotta, gelatto, and the other one was either tiramisu or cheesecake. :)

An Nur Khairisa said...

range harganya berapa sar? sama pepenero enakan mana?

sara said...

mirip2 cha harganya. Gw prefer pepenero sih. Tp yg ini juga enak.hehe

Fellexandro Ruby said...

Adain voucher Pesto lagi di Disdus donk Sarr! =DD G janji deh beli dua.

*beli dua aja sok*

sara said...

Huahahaha. Mari kita doakan. Gw jg mau kalo ada.hahaha

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