Thursday, November 24, 2011

Starbucks Holiday Gathering

Holaaa! Sorry for late update, my owner been so busy lately. :(
Anyway, last 9 November 2011, I was invited to Starbucks Holiday Gathering. Yeiy me!
So bad, because of the traffic, i came late and missed some activities. 

Look! The backdrops.
I saw the brand manager of Starbucks, I forgot her name, but I knew she's a Filipino.
Starbucks held this gathering in order to introduce their holiday menu. This holiday menu only available during holiday season (year end). As well as there were also some new holiday menu.
As you read from my former Starbucks experience (click here to read again), Starbucks Indonesia had launched Starbucks VIA. And now they had Starbucks VIA Christmas Blend, so you may brew the christmas blend by yourself at home.
Christmas blend itselves (it has 2 variants; Starbucks christmas blend and Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast) only available during holiday season since 1985.

Say hello to Blueberry & Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake. These are their holiday menu. Cheerful colors reflect holiday spirit. There's cream cheese in the middle and blueberry/strawberry jam on the top. NYUM!
With a hint of blueberry/strawberry pieces, balancing the rich cream cheese. Nice! :)

Raspberry temptation. Don't worry. This was just the bite size. The true size was way bigger than this. It consisted of 3 layers: vanilla sponge cake, cheeese cream, and raspberry jam. I loved it! Yeah, it's so tempting.

Cranberry Scone. Well, this wasn't my fave, but this was okay. Better be eaten while warm. ;)
A mixture of cranberry and walnut, with white chocolate decoration upside. Tasted a bit crunchy outside.

Calling out all salty lovers! This Holiday Beef and Egg Bagel was the only salty holiday menu here. ;)
Anyway, out of expectation, it tasted very nice. Consisted of bagel, cheese, union, scrambled egg,and mayo. The bagel wasn't too hard, very suitable for my 'morning snack'. The scrambled egg also nice. They put some seasoning in it. I heard they put a kind of veggie into the season. Nice. Means, increasing the nutrition contained by the dish. ;p

And this time, I found this Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies in the goodie bag! Whoaaaa. FYI, it tasted very very very nice. Me super loved it. I ate all of these in half hour! lol
The cookies wasn't too dry, crunchy, not too sweet, and healthy. ;p


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