Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Starbucks VIA(r) Ready Brew Preview

Who doesn't know Starbucks? The pioneer of modern coffee joint in Indonesia, has a breakthrough for ready brew coffee. Different with just instant coffee, it took 20 years for Starbucks before they succeeded to invent this VIA(r). In other country, VIA(r) has been launched since 2 years ago, but in Indonesia, this is the time. 13 September 2011, located in Upper Room Jakarta, Starbucks launched their Starbucks VIA(r). Fortunately, I got the invitation for their preview since few days before. I was so excited to meet the latest products of Starbucks. :)
Considering the difference between fresh brewed coffee and instant coffee, Starbucks really knew that they're part of their customer's daily life. That's why they worked hard to create VIA(r) in order to bring fresh brewed coffee to their customers in just a flash. How? VIA(r) made from 100% high quality natural roasted arabican coffee bean, processed into micro-groundwhich means the whole coffee bean in tiny size. Different appearance of course bring different sensation. 
If instant coffee won't give us powder effect of coffee, VIA(r) still has it even just a bit. You could tell a coffee just by its smell. When the VIA(r) was brewed, I smelled it, and the next thing I knew is I wanted it. It tasted thicker than instant coffee (of course).
VIA(r) comes in 2 variants: Italian Roast (extra bold) and Columbia (medium). Extra bold is suitable for a black & bitter coffee lover. 
Available in 2 packages: 
3servings - 25K & 12 servings -88K.

Indonesian people loves black coffee when it comes with another sweets. Starbucks really knows their customers. So they also created 4 new sweets to accompany VIA(r), and of course packaged in ready-to-go packs. 

This one was Bond (19.5K). Remind me of James Bond. :p
Well, this Bond is a cookies, which in France means beautiful/delicious. Made from cinnamon, with raspberry and chocolate in the middle. Some of my friends liked this a lot. Just like usual cookies, it was a bit crunchy. Cinnamon monopolized the smell. It's good when you munch it, it's crunchy and cinnamon-ish outside, and when you hit the middle, it comes into sour raspberry. Good company for black bitter coffee. :)

 Toffee (14.5K). This one comes in bigger size. Basically, it was marble cake and could be categorized in butter cake. With vanilla and caramel sauce as base and crumble as garnish, made this cake so sweet and thick. The texture was good, and not dry. I loved it too. This Toffee is made for dine & to go.

Hollander (20K). I claimed this as my favorite. Hollander was almond butter tart with raspberry jam filling. So you could imagine dense sweet butter tart which is moist enough hit your taste buds, and sweet sour raspberry jam brings you to heaven. Well, that was exaggerate. :p
But the point is, I love the taste and sensation Hollander brought. :)
More over, just like written on the sticker on packaging, it's prefect with VIA(r).

They called it Mile (19.5K). Indonesia has tenteng kacang, and Mile is adapted from tengteng kacang. The difference is, Mile had butter cookies as base, spread with almond, and coated with caramel sauce. 
Tasted very sweet, highly recommended  for who doesn't like bitter coffee yet too lazy to put sugar. :p

We had so much fun there. Talking much, joking much, and tasting much. Starbucks was so generous. They gave us free drink that we could choose which one we want. Of course I asked Choco Signature. That's my fave. :)
And they also gave a goodie bag. Special for VIA(r), I assumed, because it has VIA(r) logo on it. And a mug, a Starbucks' teddy bear, a coaster, and of course Starbucks VIA(r).

Big thanks to Starbucks! Can't wait for another new invention. :))


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the snacks to go look pretty tempting! i'd prefer that than the coffee i guess lol.

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I think :p

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