Monday, December 19, 2011

Mad For Garlic

This is a quick post. Lets make this quick. Quick quick quick!

Mad for Garlic. I had been eager to come here. Then I tried once. So bad I lost the bill. Pardon me if there will be some incorrect or mistaken. :)
I was not a big fan of garlic. But I was curious about what a garlic could be. Let's see. 

Snowy Flakes. The tasted? Nice. The pizza was thin and crunchy at the edge. The topping was garlic flakes, cheese, prawn and mayo. Don't judge the pale look. It tasted so moist and a bit sweet. I loved the mayo. 
Anyway, as I remembered, this pizza cost me more than 1 hundred thousands rupiahs. But I saw their prawns (on this pizza) uncleaned. I mean, for this kind of restaurant (Mad for Garlic still in one group with Tony Roma's), with the big cost, I really hope for something outstanding. Not prawns with its feces. Yeah, i was disappointed. :(

I forgot the name, but there's 'tower' in the name. ;p
First it came, it looked like a bread tower, then the waitress flattened it down and cut it into 4 pieces. The bread was nice, crunchy outside, and they were very generous for the minced garlic filling. Tasted savory, a bit salty, and of course sooooo garlic-ish.
Mad For Garlic Jakarta
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall - Ground Floor-20A
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1 Jakarta 10310
Telpon: (62 21) 2358 1076
Fax: (62 21) 2358 1079


Anonymous said...

Hi ate there yesterday, very bad food. Pizza was terrible, "meat lover" it had condensed milk for the base were tomatoe should have been. I would never go back, in fact I felt sick after eating 2 slices. Tom M, from the UK

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