Sunday, September 18, 2011

La Biere

Heyho Readers! Beer Houses are everywhere lately. La Biere is one of them. 
As I was inneed of snack (you should have known my kind of snack, right?), and I saw La Biere was calling me in. *exaggerate*
As they had outdoor and indoor seats, I chose outdoor for I wanted to catch some wind. 

I ordered La Biere Fungi Pizza (48K). Extra thin Italian pizza with creamy cheese, beef bacon and champignon mushroom. I loved it. The pizza tasted light. Not too tasty, but it's okay as snack, that I didn't expect for something too much. Pretty big 8 pieces was good for 2 or 3. 

Strawberry Fruity Alone ( 35K). Fresh strawberry juice with yogurt and milk. In the other words, you could call it milkshake. Taste? Sweet, sour,creamy and fresh. 

Couldn't stand to try their signature beverage, I ordered Elder Flowlyc (48K). It was blend of lemon, elder flower, lychee & beer. Tasted nice. Sweet and smelled like lychee&lemon. Loved it. :) 

La Biere 
Central Park Tribeca GF 09-10. 
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav 28. Jakarta11470 
ph. +62 21 292 000 43


ibnu Affiano said...

OMG,,,another YUMMY stuff again,,,are u eat that kind of food every day??i think i should go along with u,,hahaha,,,YUMMY,,nice

sara said...

Life's good when your food is good. :p

ibnu Affiano said...

abseloutely right!!! but, food's good when ur wallet is good..hahahahaa

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