Friday, September 23, 2011

Kado ++

Grand Indonesia is one of food heavens in Jakarta. They have a lot good tenant. Kado++ is one of the new comer there. Actually first opened at Intercontinental Hotel, now Kado++ spread its wing into mall. Lets see how good it is.

Tori Don (54K). It was rice with scrambled egg, minced pork, and chicken. Tasted pretty good. The rice was perfectly cooked that time. The scrambled egg was tasteless. And the chicken was nice, tender, smells good. Minced pork was just okay.  

Tsukune Zousui (35K). Basically it's Japanese risotto. Different with modern risotto that served by common bistro lately, this Japanese risotto tasted much purer. Salty and creamy. But I didn't like the the texture. The rice was sticky, in a bad way. And I couldn't feel the meat. :(
Anyway, it was successfully full my empty tummy. Tommy's happy now. :p

Taiyaki Angko (22K). You must be know Korean fish ice cream. Yeah, it is so good! Nah, this Taiyaki  is the mini version, but without the ice cream. So it's like the crepes shaped like a fish. Angko means red bean. I chose Taiyaki Angko, so my fish crepes came with red bean paste filling. Nyum! 
The read bean paste was sweet. It was exactly the same taste with Korean fish ice cream without ice cream. So bad it made me craving for ice cream. It would taste much better with ice cream. :p

Overall, I'm not too satisfies, since they only had few variant of dishes. And the menu book was already bad enough for a such pretty high end restaurant. The taste of dishes was also just so so. 
They should make some improvement I think. :)

Grand Indonesia West Mall Lvl. 3A
(021) 23581871


Fellexandro Ruby said...

YANG BENER AJA ITU BUKU MENUNYA YAH? Such a turn off. Bisa diomelin sama om GFGFGL tuh, jagonya kuliner Jepunn.

sara said...

iyaaaa. jelek banget. Di cetrek2 gt. Kotor dan uda rusak gt pula. Laminatingannya uda copot2 gt. Ngoook. hahahah

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