Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sate Khas Senayan

Indonesian food is one of the best cuisine in the world. Yeiy to us! I'm a proud Indonesian. :))
In the middle of foreign-restaurant-crowd, Sate Khas Senayan is one of Indonesian restaurant which not lose in battle of between restaurants. Served Indonesian traditional cuisine, its name has been big, and even getting bigger nowadays. Sate Khas Senayan has became a promising name though. 

Sate Blora. Me lovey. Consist of 10 pricks. The chicken was tender, soft, and juicy. Very well-grilled.Served on a mini pan with a hot coal below, in order to keep the satay warm. I asked the waiter, what's the difference between Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay) and Sate Blora (Blora Satay), and he answered, The Blora one was more spicy. But when I tried, it wasn't spicy at all. :p
Anyway, the peanut sauce was nice. Not too thick. Exact balance between sweet and savory.

Perkedel. It's fried mashed potato. I love perkedel so much. Tasted savory. Came in 3 pieces; medium size.

Err.. As I lost the bill, actually I didn't remember the exact name for this dish. Pardon me if I'm wrong, as far as I remember, this was Soto Betawi or Soto Ayam. Anyway, it tasted nice. The broth had saffron in it. That's why the color became yellow. This soto contains egg, chicken, bihoon, scallion, etc.   It wasn't too salty, enough for my taste.

Nasi Ulam . A bit different with the kind of nasi ulam that I like. This one has no broth. The rice tasted just like long grain rice, which nothing special in it. Well, they mixed some tiny peanut flakes with the rice, but I guess nothing changed. :p
This Nasi Ulam served with kikil (cow's skin), fried bihoon, half boiled egg, a perkedel, sambal, and crackers. 

Overall, I loved the dishes. They had various Indonesian menu that made me drooling. But, so bad, they didn't have separator between smoking area and non-smoking area, so the entire room became full of smoke and it bothered me. A lot.

  • Senayan City 

    L5 # 24
    Asia Afrika No. 19
    Tanah Abang 

    Jakarta Pusat10270
    Phone: 02172781461    

  • 3F # 341 C
    Asia Afrika No. 8

    Jakarta Pusat10270
    Phone: 0215725310     

  • L1/A1/2,3,5,6 & 7
    Boulevard Artha Gading Selatan No.1 
    Jakarta Utara14240
    Phone: 02145864089     

  • 3rd floor FC #20
    metro Pondok Indah 
    Jakarta Selatan12310

    Pasaraya Grande 
  • B-1
    Sultan Iskandarsyah 2 
    Jakarta Selatan12160

    Danau Sunter Utara Blok D1/7 
  • Sunter 
    Jakarta UtaraDKI Jakarta
    Phone: 0216503015   

  • Lantai 2 #38-40A
    Pluit Selatan Raya

    Jakarta Utara
    Phone: 02166676367     

    Pakubuwono VI / 6 
  • Kebayoran Baru 
    Jakarta SelatanDKI Jakarta12120
    Phone: 0217399403   
  • GF 19/20
    KH. Mas Mansyur No. 121
    Tanah Abang 

    Jakarta Pusat10220
    Phone: 02125556671     

  • MKG 3 , L3 # FCI 03
    Boulevard Kelapa Gading
    Kelapa Gading 

    Jakarta Utara


Venessa Jeremia said...

I don't think soto's ingredients would include saffron.. And I believe that is soto ayam, not soto betawi because soto betawi would has coconut milk in it..

sara said...

I'm very sure they used saffron. Or do you have any idea where the yellow color comes from? :)

Tikka said...

what about kunyit? ^0^ My mother usually use kunyit for soto ayam

sara said...

wait. Geez! Seems like I was misunderstood. lol.
Yeah, I mean kunyit. But since I didn't know what's kunyit in English so I checked Google TRanslate and found 'saffron' as the English for kunyit. Now I google about saffron and something different showing up. Hmm.. So sorry. My bad. :(

All About Food - Sate Khas Senayan said...

Hi there,

I have just recently written about Sate Khas Senayan on my last visit to Jakarta and found your blog. I have to agree that their satay was really nice. With regards to smoking vs non-smoking that's a totally different problem that Indonesia is facing!

I'm also trying to help with your understanding towards saffron vs kunyit (turmeric).
I know that Google is pretty cr*p in translating words around, but real Saffron is extremely expensive (up to $150/gr in Australia)! They come from Saffron flowers with only three stigmas per flower.
On the other hand, well... you might already know kunyit (turmeric) real well :)


Ardi Pradana

sara said...

Hai Ardi,
Thanks for the detail info and comment. Glad to see you here! :)

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