Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sukhothai: Eat Till You Drop Authentic Thai

This is my first experience if All You Can Eat (AYCE) Thai Food. To be honest, when I heard AYCE, I didn't expect something outstanding. I was just hoping for many good food, not superb food. But wise people once said, "Put your hope higher, and your expectation lowest". And my hope was not a waste. I was impressed with the incredible dishes of the dinner.
I went home with a big smile on my face, forget about all dietary thingy. :p

Oops. Let me rewind my memories for you.

Our dinner started with a bowl of Thom Yam Thalay. Hot and sour soup with seafood, that's how they wrote it on the menu. Who doesn't know TomYam? Famous thai soup which always available at any Thai restaurant. A strong flavor of spiciness did surprise me at first. "Ah, ini sudah diadaptasikan dengan lidah Indonesia loh. Kalau di Thailand asli mah harus lebih pedas dari ini. (Ah, this flavor has been adapted to Indonesian taste. In Thailand, the level of spiciness must be way above this one.", Mr. Iqbal (Marketing Manager of The Media) said. 
After some bribes, I was getting used to and started to enjoy the dish. And finally, it successfully kicked my appetite. 

The next starter was with Pla Takrai. It's fried marinated fish with lemongrass and fresh herb. In Indonesian, we usually call it as "sate lilit". Actually I didn't know what kind of fish the use, but it tasted so goooood. *big grin*
Perfect seasoning in this dish succeeded to make me ask for more. Tender and delicate texture did indulge my taste buds. Both hands od Pla Takrai weren't enough.

Khao Pad Sapparot was pineapple fried rice. I found some uniqueness in a good way in this dish. Recording to Chef Sidik, the unique fragrance and taste came from the soy sauce he used. They imported it from Thai. IMHO, I loooove the dish. It was perfectly seasoned. Tasted savory with a little hint of sweet and sour from pineapple. 

Phad Pho Taek (squid, fish and prawn stirred in Thai herb chilli). So bad it also contained crab, so I couldn't eat it due to my aleregic. But my friends said all the components were well-cooked. The prawn was fresh, even the squid wasn't too hard to chew.  Pad Kana Kratiam was stir fried baby kailan.

Pla Sam Rod was deep fried fish with three flavors sauce. The deep fried fish was chrunchy outside but very soft inside, and wasn't smell fishy.  Love the tangy sauce, nice balance of salty, spicy, and a hint of sour.

Kapraw Gai was stir fried minced chicken with thai basil. The dish wasn't the best of all, but it suceeded to hit top three. There was beef version of this dish, named Phad Kapraw Nuea. Similar taste, just different meat.

Anyway, due to bad lighting and  not qualified camera of mine, so, all the photos credit in this post goes to AnakJajan. Thanks to Mrs. Jajan who gave me permission to use their photos.

Recording to Mr. Iqbal (Marketing Manager of The Media), name "Sukhothai" is taken from an ancient kingdom in Northern Thailand. "Sukhothai" means dawn of happiness.
Chef Sidik, the executive chef in charge, is a humble and creative chef. I could say it just by tasting his dishes and ask him few questions. He's not a Thai, but he successfully cooks authentic Thai food. He also gave us some quick cooking trick. How generous he was.

I found a jaw-dropping fact during my visit. They had their cutlery brought directly from Thai. Made from copper. And yes, it's traditional Thai cutlery. How cool is that?

Tell me what you think! Do comment below. ;)

Sukhothai Thai Restaurant
The Media Hotel & Towers 6th floor
Jl. Gunung Sahari 3
Jakarta 10720
Phone: (021) 6263001 ext. 4605

Opening Hours: Daily – Lunch 12.00 pm – 2.30 pm, Dinner 6 pm – 10.30 pm
Price: 149K IDR nett (excl. drinks)
Twitter: @SukhothaiResto


Meilinda Wijaya said...

the food looks delicious ! :)

Prawnche | said...

Whuaa, all the dishes look extremely delicious! I want Thai's food from Sukhothai now! T_T hahaha.

sara said...

it is! I'm craving for it again right now. T.T

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