Monday, October 1, 2012

Mountain of Food Explorace Part 2: The World Club Lounge, Coffee Terrace, Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant

Heyho, everyone! I'm back with my Genting trip story. This time is my second day, and I was so exhausted and fun at once. Where should I start? Hmmm.. Breakfast seems a good start. We had our breakfast at The World Club Lounge. The place wasn't spacious but neat and comfort. Plus, we could enjoy the beautiful view while breakfast.

Our first challenge of the day was making a package of food with "energizing" theme. And we had to eat all the food afterwards. Since this challenge given after we had breakfast and we still had many challenge after this, so we had to be so smart in arranging our dish. Voila! This is what we got. I'm pretty proud of our creation. :') 

We still had some challenges afterwards where we had to go some tenants of the huge mall they had there, and we got free jackets! hihihi. *huge smile*

Just about half past elven (11.30am), we were ready for lunch at Coffee Terrace. Yup, it's their famous buffet dining whose had 6 live kitchen! What did I seek for the first? Of course sweets and desserts! :))

Look what I found!!
Yeah, you're not wrong, and your eyes are find. It's ostrich! I never ate ostrich meat before. So I dared myself to try once. Actually the texture was similar with mutton. I believed it had the same smell like mutton had, but fortunately the spices was sooooo strong that I almost couldn't smell.

Let's take picture with our new jackets! :p

After lunch, we got some more challenges. This time, we got free entrance to theme park! Wohoo!
I was very excited. This challenge was the one I loved the most.  

4pm sharp, we went to Chin Swee Temple. It's a temple located near Resort World Genting. It was such a beautiful temple. The challenge here was we had to find Oprah (the officer), and we had to seek her in the entire temple. The temple had a pagoda, whose 9 level height. The clue was "Oprah is in the highest point of the temple". So when we arrived, we just strike to the highest level. I made it to 8th floor, until a friend told me that Oprah wasn't there (he already reached the 9th floor). What a waste of energy! lol. 
Here's my pict, in order to prove, I had ever reahed 8th floor using stairs in my life! :p
Wait! Every level had a door to outside where we could see a very green and beautiful view. Ah, of course I didn't want to miss it. I enjoyed the view for about 5 minutes before going back to the first floor. 

We found Oprah in the prayer room. Not long after that, it's time for dinner! Yes, we ate that much. :))
There's a vegetarian restaurant here. Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant.

Soup of The Day

Sauted Mushroom with Broccoli

Pomfret with Thai Sauce

Salted Fish and Pork in Claypot

Loh Hon Chai in Yam King 

Lamb Curry

Stir Fry Vegetables

My favorite was Loh Hon Chai in Yam King. In ordinary restaurant, we might say it was deep fried prawn with sauce, that placed in a bowl-shaped yam cake. I saw this kind of dish for some times in Medan-ese (Tio Ciu) restaurant. But the difference is, this time was a vegetarian version, so no prawn, no meat, and no garlic. 

Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant
Chin Swee Caves Temple  69000 Genting Highlands, 
Pahang, Malaysia

Coffee Terrace

Lobby Floor, Genting Hotel , Genting Highlands Resort , 69000 Genting Highlands Pahang
05- 6101 1118
Breakfast: 5.30am - 10.30am
Lunch: 12.00 noon - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.00pm - 9.30pm

3.00pm - 5.00pm
10.30pm - 5.30am


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