Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taiyo Sushi: Another Fusion (Rock 'n) Roll - Openrice Gathering / Food Tasting

If you happened to Pluit Putra Raya, you might notice a big sign written "Taiyo Sushi" on the left side. Once closed for a period, now it's re-open with new look. Even the changes weren't not far from the former, to be honest I prefer the old one. Well, who cares about it anyway. Let's go to the dishes. It's more important. :p

 I got the invitation from Openrice. So there were some of their staffs greeted me when I came in. 
First dish was Chawan Mushi (12K), which was a very appropriate appetizer, just exactly what I expected. The chawan mushi has nice texture and perfect seasoning. Loved it!
Chawan Mushi (12K IDR)

Taiyo Sushi Roll (52K). Half baked salmon with cucumber and crunchy inside. I forgot how they called the crunchy for sushi. Whatever it was, it definitely win my heart. Mayo and cheese on top went really well. Pssstt.. this one was my favorite.  
Taiyo Special Roll (52K IDR)

Tempura Maki Floss (22K) was a simpler roll. From the name, you might know what's in it. Yup, prawn tempura and floss. The prawn was perfectly cooked. I loved it too. Light and tasty. Let's call it as easy bites. 
Tempura Maki Floss (22K IDR)

Aburi Mozarella Roll (56K). As I googled it, aburi sushi means sushi whose fish on top that is torched by flame in a glimpse, so the fish is partly grilled and partly raw. I don't eat raw food, but aburi sushi was an exception. I loved the grilled-smell sensation. Aburi Mozarella Roll had kani inside, and chicken floss and tobiko as topping. The mayo was only for decoration; had no impact.
Aburi Mozarella Roll (56K IDR)

Unagi Salmon Special (54K). Tasted similar with Aburi Mozarella Roll and Taiyo Sushi Roll. Perhaps because they had similar ingredients. But the ingredients were too strong that the unagi was almost undetectable. 
Unagi Salmon Special (54K IDR)

Kare Pasta was their new menu. This dish contained fettucini and kare. The fettucini was overcooked for me. White sauce was a bit tasteless, but it's okay since kare was the hero of the dish. The Kare had pretty strong spices but still not sharp enough. 
Kare Pasta (45K IDR)


Overall I loved the dishes. They had lovely unique taste that you'll only find in here. They kept the uniqueness so hard that almost all the sushi taste the same. That's so bad. 
I'll come back someday, anyway. :)

Taiyo Sushi
Jl. Pluit Putera Raya No.17, Jakarta
(021) 669-3675


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