Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Island Creamery

Hi, there! It's dessert time!! Who's up for some ice cream? Me me me!!
For me, there's always a place left for dessert, so after had my dinner, with a full belly, I had no doubt to enter this ice cream joint in Flavor Bliss (Alam Sutra, Tangerang). This is their first branch in Indonesia. 

Rocky Road Cake is below. I loved it. Marshmallow, peanut, and chocolate fudge combined in one bite was such a bliss to me. 
Rocky Road Cake

Red Velvet Cake (25K IDR). Well, this wasn't not my type of cake. The cake was too dry and sweet for me. Well, maybe red velvet cake just became trending lately so many joint try to serve it, hoping it could boost their popularity. Unfortunately, our tongue don't do lie. I don't recommend this cake to you. If you happen to be here, try their another cake. 

Red Velvet Cake

Mud Pie (35K IDR/Slice). Consisted of many layers of ice cream, and contained many oreos. *big grin*
Had layers of ReverseO Ice Cream (chocolate), Cookies n Cream, and caramel, with dark chocolate in the bottom and oreos on top. The dark chocolate worked to balance the sweetness from other components.
Mud Pie Slice 

Kahlua Latte Ice Cream Scoop (22K IDR). 
Latte and kahlua in ice cream form was not bad. If you're a coffee lover, go try this one!
All ice cream price: 
22K IDR for singe scoop
36K IDR for double scoops
Kahlua Latte Ice Cream Scoop

Mini Baked Alaska (35K IDR). Looks so tempting, isn't it? 
Thin slice of sponge cake as the bottom layer, berry ice cream for the filling, and meringue for the cover. Anyway, the berry ice cream took most part of it. I tasted too much vanilla and too little berry in it. 
Mini Baked Alaska

Mini Baked Alaska 

Red Velvet Ball (5K IDR each).
Nice try! The red velvet much moister and richer here.
Red Velvet Ball

Hot Chocolate Cake. 
It was very toothsome, but unfortunately too sweet. The chocolate cake was perfectly baked, so the chocolate melt was draining out lovely. 

Island Creamery
The Flavor Bliss
Alam Sutera Kav. 11, Tangerang. Indonesia
Phone: (021) 29005040


Kinan L. Wirastani said...

Oh wow, those cakes looked awesome and beyond appetizing!

Daniel's Food Diary said...

I wonder if it's the same thing as Singapore's.

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