Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sweet Treats by DeJaap Baking Co.

Red Velvet cupcakes
Heyho, people!  I am a huge sweet tooth. I love cakes, chocolates, candies, and other sweets. My prayer is I can eat all the yummy cakes in a cakery and not getting fat. Lol
Anyway, e-commerce and start-up business are booming lately. Online-based business has significant growth within last 2 years. Some of them using website to market the product/service, some of them still go with "simpler online basic" using social media. People may say the one with social-media-based-only is less serious, but hey, as they are business, not a book, so don't judge.

I found one little online cake shop that got compliment from many of my friends. And, apparently they're about to get some more from me. It is De Jaap Baking Co.

Tartlets (10K each)
 Available in 3 varieties: Nutella with Toffee, Creamcheese with Blueberry, and Cream Banana with Cheese. My heart definitely fall for Nutella with Toffee! Ha!
The tartlets weren't too crisp, but a little soft. Yes, prefecto. It also not sweet, but more into plain, give balance to the sweet toppings. :) 

Rumball (35K / package of 9 pcs)
 Nah! This one is my favorite! I loved the rumball. Different from I usually find. The chocolate was so bold and rich. I prefer when it started to melt, so the texture became even softer. :9

butter cookies with filling (5K each)
Who doesn't love cookies? For me, cookies will never go wrong. One bite is never enough. ;)
Available in two varieties of fillings: Peanut Butter and Nutella. Really really really will never go wrong, right? :))

Red Velvet Cupcakes (10K each)
Well, i'm not a big fan of red velvet cake. I mean, yes, I love all kind of cakes, but red velvet, rainbow cake, or for instance, the cake using a lot of food coloring. But objectively, I would say this wasn't a disappointment. The perfect amount of sweetness, moist and nice texture.

I'm definitely want to try their other menu. I just never get enough sweet bites. :)

To order:
email: lia_rimaldi@yahoo.com
SMS or Whatsapp : 08819902233
Delivery : Jadetabek only
Need reservation 3 days in advance


Fellexandro Ruby said...

Wuih mulai eksperimen dengan styling and a little beautiful mess here and there. Suka!

sara said...

Thanks rubs! Baru belajar.
Any advice from the pro? :p

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