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Bengawan at Keraton Hotel - Jakarta

If you happen to Plaza Indonesia or Bunderan HI lately, you may see a new sign there: "Keraton". Yup, located in the center of Jakarta, Keraton at The Plaza has just opened and even still in soft opening period. Some of their rooms were already available, some others were still unfinished. 
When I got the invitation for lunch at Bengawan (all day buffet dining at Keraton), I wondered how to get there, as I never saw any gate or any entrance to Keraton at The Plaza. Finally I found out, their main lobby was at the back of Plaza Indonesia with the gate closed all time. The security would open the gate after checking your vehicle and belonging. Or else, you might find a black door next to Bakerzin Plaza Indonesia, that was their secondary entrance. 
Keraton Hotel is one of Luxury Collection Hotel under Starwood Management. They have different concept compared to other hotels. They offer personal butler for every client. Do you know what it means? It means you will served personally. You might do check in and check out in your room. The butler even would bring the payment machine into your room! You also might call the butler anytime you want, they would at your service 24 hours each day. How cool is that. 
Keraton at The Plaza also located among office buildings, but once you get in, you'll forget that you're in the center of city's hustle bustle as it was so quiet and calm. 
Recording to these data, we might say Keraton at The Plaza is a diamond hotel (higher than 5 stars), and those luxuries must cost you a 'diamond' too. 

Since they're still soft opening period, I found the buffet place still very vacant at lunch time. 
The ambience reminds me of Bogor Cafe (Borobudur Hotel), but this one was the high floor version. (Bogor Cafe located in ground floor and have no view)

Lychee Tea. 
A tall glass of tea with lychee syrup, lychee, and lychee pop boba. Refreshing. Me loved it. I even want  it again now. :p

Apple Mint Tea. 
A big hint of apple combined with mint sensation. Not my type of flavor, but I should say this was good enough to pamper you palate before getting ready for the big lunch.

They had many stations, which had different type of food for each station. Although they claimed their speciality was Indonesian, just like other all-day-dining buffet, they provided almost all kind of food; pasta, sushi/sashimi/Japanese, Chinese food, steamboat, Indian, Indonesian, salad, desserts, etc. 

Their Red Velvet Cake was one of the outstanding ones. The texture was unique; not fluffy, but soft, felt like it melt when it touched my tongue. 

This was Nasi Keraton; their speciality. Served with some assorted condiments you might choose. Nasi Keraton was like Nasi Uduk or Nasi Lemak. Cooked with coconut milk and covered by banana leaves. 

Foie Gras. 

Grilled Rib Eye


Aglio Olio 

                   Iced Caffe Latte. Cute glass! :p


Berry Bajigur Colada. 
This was one of their cocktail selections. IMHO, it tasted challanging. Combination of sour berry and bajigur already brought awkward moment to my tongue. Moreover, the alcohol gave highlight to the sourness of the berry. In short sentence, I could say this is: Sour alcohol with ginger and palm smell. 

After fulfill my appetite, they invited me to walk around. Of course I didn't refuse. 
Apparently, their interior theme was classic modern Indonesia. Well, I named it by myself. 
The place was very comfy, neat and clean. I saw many sides with Indonesian traditional touch. 

I forgot the name of the pattern on the decoration behind. But I do remember the meaning of it; it says that human came from God, so human shouldn't forget their God. 

Breakfast Buffet Package (Rp. 225.000++) 
– Inclusive appetizer, main course (Western + Asian) in buffet and a la carte menu, dessert, live cooking selection, pass around  smoothies and croissant, egg selections, soft drink, fresh juices, fresh brewed coffee and tea

Lunch Buffet Package (Rp. 288.000++) 

– Inclusive appetizer, main course (Asian + Western), dessert, live hot cooking selection, pass around foei gras and carving selections, fresh brewed coffee and tea
Dinner Buffet Package (Rp. 188.000) – Inclusive buffet appetizer, dessert, fresh brewed coffee & tea

Sunday Brunch Package (Rp. 388.000++) 

– Inclusive all non-alcohol beverage, appetizer, main course (Western + Asian) in buffet and menu, live cooking pasta, unlimited pass around (mie goreng, nasi goreng, foei gras, carving selections), noodle selection, dessert, pass around beverage, fresh brewed coffee and tea, welcoming bubble

Beverage Package (Rp. 288.000++) – free flow red wine, white wine, champagne, cocktail, martini

Bengawan Signature Restaurant
Keraton at The Plaza
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 15, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Phone : ( 021 ) 50680000
Facebook : Keraton at The Plaza
Twitter : @KeratonJakarta


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