Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Penang

Little Penang has opened their branches a lot lately. They developed a lot, huh?hehe.
As i saw it often, i thought, maybe i should try this. so here i was. i went to the Taman Anggrek's outlet.
as i went there about 6pm, it was pretty crowded. seems like they have a lot of customer.

This is Kulit Tahu Goreng Mayonaisse. wuooooh. so oily!hahaha. but it was so crunchy and i love it. nice appetizer.hihi.

Looks like chicken kungpao, isn't it? It was Ayam Cabe Kering. As it looked like, the taste pretty similar with chicken kungpao. the difference is this one a little spicy. Pretty nice. still edible to me.hehe

Buncis Ebi, which i love it. the beans are crunchy and not overcooked. the ebi (dried prawn) was soooo stand out. Maybe a bit too salty, but i love saltiness!nyahahaha

Sweet & sour fish. The fact is they cooked the fried fish together with the sauce, which i call it s a nightmare. because that's why i couldn't taste the crunchiness in the fried fish, which made it lost its savoriness, and became a bit yucky. Even worse, the fish was smell fishy. i was disappointed anyway. sorry to say, dude. :(

This is lemon tea.

And this is Ambula (Kedondong's juice) which is i love so much. so fresh, sweet and a bit sour. :)

i am sorry i forgot to take the bill, but as i remember, with all of these order and 4 bowls of rice, i have to pay about 150K. :)


Catherine Au Jong said...

hahaha ci sara
blognya lucu banget! :))

sara said...

makasiii. follow dnx.bahahahaha :D

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