Friday, January 21, 2011


Ootoya! Another best japanese cuisine in Jakarta. Actually it's been long time i saw this, and it always tempting. :9
well, this time i couldn't resist anymore. lets rockin'!

uuuuw, this is their ocha (8K). the glass was so small actually, but don't worry since it was refill-able. Yippie! :D

oh it's japanese habit. usually, the customer in japan is just come back from work or something like that, so they give a hot towel to wipe their face. Anyway, i just use it to wipe my hands.hehe :D

Demi Chicken set (80K). Hmm.. Let me explain. in the middle is chicken katsu + sauce in hot plate with slices of cabbage under it, a little cauliflower, and pieces of tomatoes. well, it's not just fine. it's SUPER FINE.hahaha. The chicken was well-fried and well-tasted. not too salty, savory, and big.nyehehe.
at top-left, you may see tofu, it's yummy too. soft and savory.
at the top right is a kind of pickle, wish i didn't try it because i'm kinda not a fan of it.hehe
at bottom-right is miso soup.
and at the bottom left is rice with hijiki. well, usually we have to pay 10K for the hijiki (seaweed), but this time i got it as a complementary. *big grin* :D
and FYI, the rice is super great. and it's refill-able.hihi.
anyway, if you don't want the set, you may order just the Demi chicken (the hot plate chicken katsu) for 60K. :)

Udon Kari (45K). the gravy was not so thin and not so thick. just right. wuoh, they put an egg on the top of teh curry. NYUM! Anyway, the curry had pieces of carrot, chicken, little lettuce (green and purple), and little onion. Served aside with a kinda of pickle or something.

please do not see about the quality of picture. at least i tried my best to show you the udon's texture.hehe. btw, it's a bit chewy and lovely. :D

overall, it's great place. i saw some Japaneses had lunch here too. The service given also pretty good, except when i asked for refilling my rice, it takes time a bit long. -__________-
but as the foods were good, so maybe i'll hit 2nd visit to here some time. c u there!:D

Plaza Indonesia level 4, unit 5
Jl. M.H.Thamrin Kav 28-30
Central Jakarta
(021) 3983 8252

P.S. to make u easier to remember, this place is located next to Pizza Boutique. :)


Anonymous said...

actually, Japanese don't rub face with that hot towel (called oshibori)coz it's kinda weird, it's usually only for hand

sara said...

oops. sorry. but that's what i heard from someone who after travelling to japan. maybe i misheard him.nyehehehe. thank you for noticing. :)

Jo said...

Hi Sara, I love Jap-food, but Ootoya is not one of my fav. You might want to try Goemon (Wisma Kyoei Prince), Koi (Plaza Indonesia) or Sakura (Graha Niaga 28th Floor), for me they are better than Ootoya (^_^)

sara said...

ok! they're on my list now.hahaha. thx for the suggestion yaa.hihi :D

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