Friday, January 21, 2011

Hachi Hachi Bistro

"Sushi & whatever " is their tagline. Hachi Hachi Bistro located on Central Park and Taman Anggrek Mall, served fusion sushi & friends. For me, here is the best fusion sushi ever! *big grin*

well, this one is Teriyaki Bar (32K). hey, this is my super fave! FYI, Hachi Hachi Bistro is the best in Teriyaki. so this choice was kinda so right. :)
This is kani and cucumber rolled in rice and nori, breaded and then deep fried, then cobered by teriyaki chicken and teriyaki beef and melted cheese on the top. WHOAAAAAA. damn yummy!
the teriyaki was sweet yet savory. soooo delightful!

And this one is Yakiniku & Shrimp Roll (34K). This is a sandwich roll. so unique,huh?
contains chrimp and beef yakiniku inside, rolled with bread and egg, and covered with melted cheese. slurp! Served with french fries and onion rings, on a white big square plate.hehe.
the french fries was a bit salty which is good. onion ring was fine, but getting worse then if not eaten immediately. The yakiniku was just ok. salty and a bit fragrant-y. To be honest, i guess Hachi Hachi is good in teriyaki, but not in yakiniku. hehe

Salmon Dip
(38K). You may choose which one do you want, salmon or tuna. In this case, i chose salmon. Actually, they serve it rare, but since i seriously cannot bear something rare, so i ordered it well-done. :)
The special about this menu is it has a deep sauce, which consists of cheese, mayo, and crunchies. Damn YUMM! to be honest, i ordered this just in order to get the dip sauce.hehehe. The roll itself was quiet good. as you can see, it contains kani, avocado, and cucumber, which rolled in nori and rice, with salmon on the top.

ocha (9K) wasn't free and wasn't refill-able, but they sure gave me a big shot. It's not a glass i thought. more like a bowl to me.hahaha

and here is the ambiance at Central Park's.

Hachi Hachi Bistro
Mal Taman Anggrek, Lt. 3 Unit # 311
Jl. Letjen. S.Parman Kav. 21. Slipi
Jakarta Barat 11470

Central Park Mall , LG # 234.
Jl. Letnan Jenderal S. Parman Kav 28.
Tanjung Duren Selatan, Jakarta Barat, 11470.
phone 021 56985592


NiyaOke said...

try the bistro rice & spicy seafood udon, my fave @ hachi hachi..

salam kenal, nice food blog :)

sara said...

i once tried the bistro rice. it was damn good!hahahha. I'll try the spicy seafood udon next time. thx btw.hihi.

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