Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Patisserie Francois

teatime attack!
Pattiserie Francois (read: pa-tes-re frawn-swaw) is very eye catching.
finally i tried this tempting-things i found since loooong time ago.heheh.
well, this time i won't wasting my time again and tried as much as i can.bahahaha *evil laugh*

Stick to DATE Pudding (36K). It's a little weird why they called it as pudding, since this was not a pudding.hehe. it was a kind of sponge cake made from date and sauced by fla. the fla is kind of unique. i guessed they put 'rangi' (i dont know what is the english for it) , so they had the little texture of it, and also brown sugar and milk in it of course. Peaches and strawberries on the top gave sourness that contrast to the sponge cake taste which was sweet and a bit rough, gave a perfect blend.

Heaven Chocolate Mele (38K). Usually we find chocolate is sweet or bitter. but this time, i found it salty. unique,huh? the texture was almost like brownies which so moist inside. the chocolate was rich and tempting.haha. Served in a triplets bowl, with fruits (strawberries, peaches, and nata de coco) on one side and fro-yo on the other side. I love this. Complete package in 1 menu. sssttt. the fro-yo is not too sour and i like it! :)

Tartelete Choco (7K). This tiny thing looked like a tan tart in choco version. but it was not. It had pie-crust, with almonds and kind of chocolate cream on the top. They served it fresh from the fridge, so it was still frozen. but i like it more when it had melted already. nyehehe

Nougat (15K). Well, actually i thought this was a nut cake or something. the fact is, i was wrong.hahaha. it only had nut on the top. in the middle was not nut jam or kinda. It's only cream that smells like rum. The cake's texture was good. Moist and soft.

and, i got free mineral water drinks. Look! what's odd in this picture?? the glasses' bottom are not flat.hahaha. it was rounded, so the glass cannot stand upright. funny yet cute, huh? :D

anyway, sorry i forgot to take the pict of the place. Don't worry, u'll find it easily. Right in front of Mark & Spencer Plaza Indonesia. :)
Cozy couch and good service, plus the magazines are new (not wasted magazine) , i think this place worth a try. :)

Pattiserie Francois
Plaza Indonesia Level 2 # ioo1
+62 21 3983.8271

One Pacific Place Basement 1 No.40
Phone : +62.21. 514.00.514


Venessa said...

Memang ada jenis pudding yg di baked kok :D gak selalu yg versi chilled

sara said...

Iyaaa. Pas nulis ini, aku baru tau. Biasanya ga peratiin. Kalo skrg uda sering ketemuin yg model bgini, jd uda lebih familiar.hehe

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