Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RM Jatinunggal: Feed You with (/and) Fish

Have a daily routine in crowded and noisy Jakarta has given me some stressful head. I needed some air. Fresh air. 
I heard there a restaurant in Jonggol, near Cibubur, West Java, which is located among natural charm. There I went. After fought against Jakarta's traffic and strayed for a while, I got there! Woohoo!

Breezy wind, splash of water, green green grass, and dance of goldfish in the water welcoming my coming. Made me forget Jakarta's crowd for a while. I love the place. Pretty clean for an outdoor restaurant. Carrying Sundanese theme restaurant, or we call it as lesehan, they offered authentic Indonesian food. Not too crowded, just plenty people come and having lunch, most of them came with family.
They had a quiet big place. People said Jatinunggal is very famous. They first opened in 1989 and never open a branch afterwards.

Gurame Goreng (Deep Fried Carp)

Everytime I order seafood, there's a piece of worry in me. I always afraid the food will be fishy. Fortunately, my worry was not proven. The carp was definitely fresh! A little oily, but still acceptable. I asked for half kilo carp for two persons. 

Kangkung Hot Plate (Hot Plate Kale)
They was not only provide fresh fish, but also fresh vegetables! The kangkung came in a very big portion. More than enough for just two of us. :)
The only thing I could complain was it wasn't salty enough for me.  

Sayur Asem
 What's the meaning of having lunch in Indonesian restaurant without ordering Sayur Asem? I'm a big fan of Sayur Asem, and it's hard for me to find an outstanding Sayur Asem out there. (Pssstt... my mom's is still the best)
Here, they had a pretty good one. Just a little less bold than I expected. But the vegetables was good, balance of spices was also nice. 

The sunny day and breezing wind invited me to coconut. I forgot to ask for a young one. But they gave me what I wanted. *super big grin* 
The coconut was nice, juicy and soft. Or in brief, it's young. :p
They put brown sugar into coconut water, and it wasn't too sweet. I loved it! :))  

I don't know why they wrote goldfish whereas I ordered carp. They both worth the same though.

They have a big pond with a lot of goldfish. We can feed the goldfish with the fish food they sell. It's only 1K/pack. And when you throw the food into the pond, here's what happen to the fish! They jump, they gather, they swarm. Fun!

View around the restaurant

Overall, I like the place. So peace and quiet.  I had fun and relax. So bad, too much energy to spend to go there. And now... I miss it already.

Tips: They had some big signage though to guide your way. But it's located in rural area so there's no clear address. Just asked the people around, they must be know the place. 

RM Jatinunggal
Jl. Jatinunggal, Sukasirna Jonggol - BogorJonggolWest JavaIndonesia


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