Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alcoholic Bar: Eat and Drink Alcohol! (Food Tasting)

Heyho, people! After a long blogwalking, my writing spirit has been awaken somehow. Thanks to my fellow foodies! :p
Kemang area is famous as hang out place for Jakartan youngsters. Many fancy restaurants built in here, offer their own uniqueness. Alcoholic Bar is one of them. Located a bit 'hidden', you may find it still in one complex with KOI Kemang. 
I received invitation to try their new brunch menu with some fellow foodies. 

My coming is well-welcomed with the first appetizer; Green Peas Cream Soup with Diced Pork (IDR 38K).  IMHO, this was a good appetizer. The green peas puree wasn't too soft, still had some rough texture. Glad to hear that. If the texture was too soft, I guess it would look like a baby food. 
Tasted a bit plain, but good enough to tickle my buds. Now I'm ready for bigger kick. 
Green Peas Cream Soup with Diced Pork (IDR 38K)

They served all the brunch menu with Italian Sparkling Wine. This was my first time having brunch with alcohol in it. lol.
Anyway, they are having weekend brunch promo, where you can have 3 course continental brunch menu (consist of soup, main course, and dessert) and FREE FLOW Italian Sparkling Wine, only for IDR 250++. This promo valid only on Saturday-Sunday 10am-2pm.
Go give it a chance and make sure you don't get drunk! ;)
Italian Sparkling Wine

Foccacia with Cointreau Gravlax Salmon, Scramble Eggs & Rocket Salad IDR 50K

Eggs Blackstone IDR 45K

Crispy Amaretto Pork Belly IDR 68K

Eggs Hemmingway IDR 50K

Jack Daniel’s Baby Back Ribs IDR 180K (full slab) or IDR 90K (half slab)

Orange Martini/Champagne (I forgot)

Salmon Crepes with white Wine Mornay Sauce served with rocket salad IDR 40K
Champagne Jelly


I had a blissful brunch. I loved the food. My favorite was the Pork Ribs. I loved it. Heavenly well-marinated. Came in one plate with baked beans and chick peas. I loved them too. No, it's not canned baked beans. They made it themselves. Sweet enough and not tomato-sauce-ish.  
They had 5 types of poached-egg-with-muffin (you may read them on the photo above). The differences between them was the topping only. Which one was the best? Depends on your taste. ;)
The poached egg was perfect. The yolk running out sexily covering the muffin and topping. 

In the end, they served us Orange Martini/Champagne. I forgot what's that. The point is, it was orange alcohol, which I enjoyed a lot. It was my fave beverage that day. Light and refreshing. 

The dessert was too serious for me. I always love light and fruity dessert. But I just can't stand the alcoholic dessert. Maybe I got too much alcohol that day (since I'm not an alcoholic person). 

If you can't drink alcohol, don't worry. You still can eat the dishes. Alcohol material won't leave any alcohol effect after been cooked, but the exotic scent still remains in the dishes.

Alcoholics Bar
Jl.Kemang Raya no. 72N
Jakarta Selatan 
Tel : +628 719 5675 


Fellexandro Ruby said...

All eyes on the Pork Ribs. Judging from the looks (and the price) alone, its gonna be worth it. If only I did make it to the tasting.

sara said...

Yup! That's my fave. Totally worth it! :)

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