Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Otak-Otak Si Dia: Street Food No More

Indonesia is famous of its nature and delicacy. Located within 2 enormous oceans and 2 continents, made Indonesia much affected from outsiders, especially in field of culture and food. Otak-Otak is one of famous Indonesian food. Similar with Malaysian or Singaporean (they call it as Otah), even in Indonesia there are also many kind of otak-otak. The differences located in their recipe and ingredients. In Jakarta, we usually find otak-otak seller in hawker stall. Yup, otak-otak might be counted as Jakarta's street food. But lately, as I told you before, online-based business is hip, there is an online tenant whose sell otak-otak and do delivery to Jakarta area; Otak-Otak si Dia. Yes, a unique name it is. Delivered to me in a tidy and clean packaging, nice touch. :)

It came with 2 kind of dipping sauce: peanut sauce and vinegar chili. Peanut sauce was nice. Not too thick and not to spicy. Fit me well. The other sauce, which is vinegar chili was my fave. Gave me a different way to eat otak-otak. Even it's vinegar, it had only a glimpse of sour, and not spicy at all. I enjoyed it a lot. 

With a price of IDR 4K/pcs, of course you can taste the difference with the cheaper one that you may find on the street. Definitely, Otak-Otak si Dia is made from high quality ingredients with perfect seasoning. Covered with banana leaves and grilled to perfection. I could tell you from the first bite, you'll taste the mackerel fish with perfect chewiness. Welcome to the new era of otak-otak! :p

If you're craving for some, you may contact them. Don't forget, reservation needed. They do delivery to Jakarta (minimum order of 20pcs; free delivery for 50pcs). Or they also available on sedapur.com for you who live around Jakarta (Bekasi, Tangerang, Depok). 

Otak-Otak si Dia
Phone   :  ( 021 ) 26 170 180 
Email    :  order@otakotaksidia.com
Twitter  : @otakotaksidia

Facebook: Otak-Otak si Dia
Need reservation max. H-2


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What a delicious looking food! Can't wait to eat this!

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