Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hummingbird Eatery

Hummingbird is one of the hippiest joint in Bandung. Well, at least for Jakartans who try to seek any good food in Bandung, it is.
I went there about 5 months ago. (Sorry for late post)
Had been hearing about them for many times, I pushed me and my friends to go there. :p
Fortunately, I succeeded. Say yay, people! :D

First impression: Nice outdoor ambience. They have a 'big nest' which uniquely......lovely.
I was on the waiting list. Apparently they had a bunch of customers that day. During my waiting, I entered the indoor part, so excited to see what else they have that have been talked lately. The interior reminded me of Beatrice Quarter (I'll post about it soon). At the backyard, I found Hummingbird Guest House, which I did willing to book, but unfortunately they were unavailable that day. It looked comfy and clean.

These were on my table:
Bibimbab (44.5K). A big hot stone bowl with colorful components.We could say Bibimbab is Korean 4 Sehat 5 Sempurna (without a glass of milk). Agree, people? :p
Consisted of white rice, beef, mushroom, vegetables (bean sprout, lettuce, spinach, carrot, cabbage, and cucumber), and the most eye-catching part was the half boiled egg! Whoah. It was so sexy when the yolk bursted out. 
The sauce was just so ordinary, nothing special in it. It even less seasoned than the one I usually eat. But for a place like this, it was quiet good, remembering they're not a Korean restaurant.

TomYum Pasta (36.5K). At first, I was worry for ordering this dish, because I never heard pasta could be cooked in TomYum flavor. I mean, of course it could be, but would it be weird? Well, apparently it's not weird at all. It even tasted super good! Sour and spicy with TomYum typical taste successfully made this dish more than just edible, it even really made my day.

Garlic Beef Involtini (49.5K). No, it's not sausage. It's involtini; a processed beef that rolled resembling sausage. At a glimpse, it might look like a sausage, but if you look closer (or taste), involtini has rough texture, and not as juicy as sausage. I don't know whether it is really how an involtini should taste like or not, I never ate one before. 
Back to the dish. The mushroom sauce saved the dish, for it balanced the involtini which lack of juiciness. What did the garlic do here? Well, it helped a lot, I guess. It gave a strong-kickin'-buds smell.
Even it wasn't my favorite, but I could say, good job for the dish.   

(left to right) : Lychee Jello (26.5K) - Pinky Berry (26.5K) -  Passionate Peach (26.5K)

Overall, I was satisfied with my visit. Will come back as soon as possible. Moreover, they have some cakery collections that I haven't tried. Pssst. I heard they opened their first branch in Jakarta lately. It's in Kuningan City. Remembering a comment of a friend that said Hummingbird always succeed to keep the consistency of their quality, hope they won't lose this score. :)

Hummingbird Eatery & Guesthouse

Jl. Progo No.14
Mon - Fri: 07:00 - 22:30
Sat: 07:00 - 23:30
Sun: 07:00 - 22:30


putri soe said...

Yes, Hummingbird is one of my favourite eateries. And you got to try the cakes--especially Russian Dark Cake. Oh, that's heaven.

Anyway, following you now (:

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sara said...

Hi, thanks for visiting! :)
Yeah, i wanna try their cakes too. Aaaaaa. Will visit again soon! :p

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