Friday, August 17, 2012

Mountain of Food Explorace Part 1 : Marry Brown

One day, on a fine day, my owner just got invitation. This time wasn't just from a restaurant nearby, but from Resort World Genting! Big woohoo! 
The invitation was for 17-20 July 2012 and they said they would provide all my needs during event. 
So there I was, going to Genting - Malaysia with 4 others. I was so excited that this was my first invitation abroad. :p
Resort World Genting held an event called Mountain of Food Explorace, which required us to do some challenges and exploring Genting at once. The participants were from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and China.

Departed with morning flight was my first challenge that I'm not a morning person. But there I went. Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta International Airport - Jakarta. With a boarding pass sheet on my hand, getting ready for my flight. 
We arrived to KLCC at 11.30am. A middle aged man, Mr. Lee, picked us up and brought us to Genting. But we're so hungry and thirsty. So we asked him whether we could stop at the nearest gas station and buy some food in the mini market there. His "yes" was such a heaven sound to us. :p

This were my hunger kit. A bottle of mineral water and a pack of chocolate muffins. FYI, it helped a lot. Actually, I didn't know this brands, I just picked anything I saw. The muffins was moist and very sweet. Since I was in a major hunger, there's no problem with the sweetness. 

Few miles after the gas station, we saw this. Apparently, an accident had just happened there.  I didn't know where's the owner of the car. The first thing came up in my mind was "why the traffic is so normal". I believe, if this happen in Jakarta, there would be a huge traffic jam. 

After about 3 hours (I slept during the journey), we finally arrived! YAY! To celebrate our arrival, we took a photo together in front of the First World Hotel. For the first 2 days, we would spend nights here.

Left to right: Me, Mia (Rian's wife), Rian , Inez, Julia

Ms. Mei met us there and help us to check in. She gave us a paper bag. Guess what. It was a pair of trousers and a shirt from Wrangler who's also the sponsor of the event. 

This was our room. Actually, we got 1 room for each. But we requested so Julia and me could be arranged in one room. Inez was in the next room, but she's afraid to sleep alone, so she slept over in our room. Yes, 3 of us sleep in 1 room. Could you imagine the mess we got? hihi.

After took a bath and unpacked our baggage, we went to go to have our late lunch. It was 5 pm and my lunch only 2 regular muffins and a bottle of mineral water. So we went around for some time. Short stories, we chose Marry Brown. A fast food during travelling is a safe choice.

Mi Kari Ayam Goreng (Curry Noodle with Fried Chicken) - RM9.80
I saw the picture on the menu and fell in love. So I ordered this. So bad it was out of my expectation. The curry was plain. The noodle was too overcooked. And the snaps was undercooked. In a shorter words, it wasn't as good as it looked like. 

This was Lucky Plate - RM13.25
Consisted of mashed potato, small bun, vegetables salad, and 2 pieces of fried chicken. As you can see, the main point of the dish was the fried chicken. For a major hunger context, this was very edible. For a non-major hunger, I prefer KFC. Tasted plain (since it was original flavor) and they don't have chili sauce. Well, they had one, but for us, it tasted more like sweet sauce rather than chili sauce. The texture was so so. Some parts even too dry. 

Nasi Marry Brown (Marry Brown Rice) - RM11.80
It also looked mouthwatering on the menu. Unfortunately, the real one was different. Even it had the special sauce to combine with, it still tasted too dry. The sauce was just sweet and lack of spiciness.

Unsatisfied our late lunch, we still thanked God, at least we weren't hungry anymore. 
8 o'clock sharp we went to Visitors Information, and got to know the other participants. We were separated into groups of two. There I met my team mate; Jae Park - a tomboy 21 y.o. girl. 
After that, we had a show to catch. Guess what?! FREEZE
Freeze is the title of an interactive dance and magic show on ice. Nice show, indeed. Pardon me for no pict because there was lack of light.

It was 10 pm already. It's been 5 hours since the last time we ate. In our defense, 5 hours was a normal period for the hunger to start re-attack our belly. Our appetite was risen. * exaggerate*
We went to Nyonya Colors and found there was a dish that wasn't on the menu but on display, near the cashier. Nasi Lemak it was. And the most shocking fact was it only costed RM2. Contains a handfull size of rice, anchovy, peanuts, egg, and their special sauce (looked like sambal, but it wasn't). This was more than worth it. The rice was soft and went very well with the sauce. 

In the end of the day, we were quiet tired and slept very tight. Tomorrow we still had some challenges to do. Adios! 

Genting Highland Resort
Pahang, Malaysia
(603) 2718 1118


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