Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hakata Ikkousha

Heyho Readers! Who loves ramen? Me! Me! Me! 
As a big fan of ramen, it is a must to me to try the most happening ramen in Jakarta nowadays: Hakata Ikkousha! After the big hit of Ramen 38 spreaded throughout Jakarta and being calmed down already lately, now it's time for Ikkousha to be the next kicking point. 
Located in Muara Karang Raya, which is a food-crowded-place, Ikkousha has never been lack of customer. There's always a bunch of people queuing in the line waiting for their turn to taste the famous dishes. The place really reminds us of Japanese food stall, which is narrow and compact.
Dominated with wooden interior, they also have open kitchen where we could see the chefs working. 
As I saw some of the pictures hanging there, Ikkousha is based in Japan, and brought here by Japanese. 

This is their signature ramen.  Available with chicken and pork (38K).  I chose pork one. You know what makes Ikkousha different with another ramen? Their broth. As I overheard, it needed two days of cooking to make a perfect broth. The broth was not too thick but very taste and rich.
The portion was quiet big, enough to full my feast, but I was still like wanting more more and more. ;p
So bad there was only 1 pork slice served on the top. 

Tan Tan Ramen (46K). Just the same with the ramen, but it was a bit more spicy. You could see from the color, it looks more red-orange-ish. I thought they put some additional spicy broth. Oh, and tan tan ramen had half-cooked egg! Yippie! I was extremely in love. lol.

Gyoza. The gyoza was nice. Tasty and juicy. 

Chicken Karaage. Came in 5 pieces, and pretty big if compared to common karaage. Anyway. it tasted juicy, and crunchy outside. They spread peeper and salt on the top, and everything went well to me. 

Fried gyoza. just the same with the gyoza, but this one is the deep fried one. I prefer the other one. Although the crunchy skin was nice. :)

Hakata Ikkousha 
Jl. Muara Karang Raya No.85
North Jakarta
ph. +62 21 66600255
fx. +62 21 66670588


Anonymous said...

aneh, g kmrn pesan ramen babi specialnya 38k selain pork slice, juga dapet telurnya loh

sara said...

Really? Kynya emang labil deh nih si Ikkousha. Pertama kali gw makan jd dapet dagingnya 3 slices, eh blkgan dptnya cuma 1. Hahaha

Lovely Corner ^^ said...

hakata ikkousha lagi rame ni. Pengen ke sana tapi jauhnyaaa >.<

Anonymous said...

g juga cuma dapet 1 slice kok, ga pernah dapet 3 slice hiks..

sara said...

@lovely corner: Skali2 cobain deh. Worth the distance.hahaha

@anakjajan: tuh kan. labil kan di ikkousha.hahaha

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