Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hey readers! Have you ever feel that the food is never been enough? If you have, I get the answer for you. Its name is buffet. wahahaha.
And this time, my choice went to Satoo. wohoo!
As Satoo is one of an award winning restaurant, it became one of well-known buffet restaurants in Jakarta. Located in Shang-rila Hotel, one of luxurious hotel in Jakarta, it has been popular since long time ago. Satoo has open kitchen concept, where you may see some of the chefs cooking while eating. It provides many kinds mouth-watering of foods, from Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, European, Italian, Japanese, etc.

This was my first batch. I took them from Indian corner. But I don't remember their names.hahaha. Two of them were chickens. They were pretty good anyway. The green fried rice was just okay and tasted a bit plain.heheh. That prata thingy had weird jam. I found citrus smell there, but I didn't know what've made it so yucky. And the front right one, i majorly forgot what's that. But the sauce also weird to me.haha. So, as conclusion, the Indian food was not recommended.

Nah, my second batch was way better. :D
I took them from grill corner or something. Those meats were beef, and they're yummy! :9
The puff was just a bit savory, and it went really well with the meats.hihi.

This was my third batch, and it was.... Indonesian! There was nasi uduk, udang bakar (grilled prawn), mie goreng (fried noodles). Oh, I combined it with Chinese too. I took Bakpau isi telur asin (chinese bun) and those dumplings were great. yeiy! I love the not-dry dumplings. Oh, and those fried beancurd, also pretty yummy, but so bad it was extremely too oily. Huff.

I couldn't wait longer. The desserts was too tempting, so I took all of these. wahaha.
Left- green tea opera cake: very nice. I'm not into green tea, but this time, I'm so into it. :)
Back- chocolate cake: I forgot whether there was the lava or not.hehe. But I remember it was good. The chocolate was rich.
Right & front- I forgot what's that, but they're nice too. I ate them all 'till nothing left on my plate. NYUM!

Cranberries crumble. It was yummy! After all the fulfilling food and sweet teeth, this cranberries crumble was a good choice. It tasted sour and refreshing. The crumble was a bit sweet.

Who doesn't like Chocolate fondue? Sure, I must not pass for As I was pretty full already, here's all I got. Oh, there were some choices you may choose to dip to the chocolate. They're strawberry, melon, and marshmallow. :D

Level 1, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI, Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta - Indonesia
PH 1: (021)570-7440 ext.6030
PH 2: (021)570-7440 ext.6031,6032


hana talita said...

I happen to like the indian food. it was okay. i tried the pasta as well, average. but yea the best part was the dessert. i think they don't over good food, more like a variety of average food so the customers will get stuffed anyway. do you know any good hotel buffet restaurants like this?


sara said...

Hai Hana! :D
hmmm... so far, Satoo is still the one i like the best sih.hehe.
If you like Sop Buntut, maybe you should try Bogor Cafe at Borobudur. They have the best sop buntut in town. :))

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the quality of Bogor Cafe has gone downhill (change of chef perhaps? dunno).. The last time I went there, about 3 weeks ago, they overdid the sweetness in the Sop Buntut. Also I asted something like boiled fried shallots (bawang goreng tp direbus lama2) which was a real turn off. Was so dissapointed, considering that Sop Buntut is their signature dish and the price, unfortunately, reflects this.

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