Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Food Tasting Panel ( JackRabbit)

Heyho! Tommy's here. Another food tasting invitation came from JackRabbit. Yuhuuu! Big thanks to Goorme.
In the invitation, written the event would be lead by Chef Juna as Excecutive Chef. So I planned to take a pict with him and made all the girls jealous of me!*evil laugh*
Unfortunately, my evil plan couldn't be done. Chef Juna was too busy shooting for Masterchef Indonesia. :(
But I still can make everybody envy, just by posting my visit there. :D
Oh, as this is a food tasting, so don't ask me about the price. And all the menu below are available for brunch. (they have different menu for lunch and dinner)

The event was held for brunch, so it started about 11.30am.

Complimentary bread. Yeiy! As I was in major hunger, these breads really save my life. LoL.
The bread was good. Not too soft and not too rough. Tasted light.

2 Eggs Any Style. Well, I don't like the style. hahaha. It was very hard to be sliced. Maybe because it was already cold, so the egg was harder then before. So I gave up to cut it, and eat something else.

Beef Chicichangga! Love this!!!hihi. Looks like a springrolls, rite? But it wasn't! Inside that tortilla was minced beef, which super delicious. Sweet and spicy. The spice really really great. Crunchy outside, juicy and tasteful inside.
It served with baked beans, which contains pork anyway. So if you don't eat pork, just don't eat the baked beans. :)

Lamb Chop. Hey, it was nice. I rarely eat lamb, but i said this one was great! It's a chop of grilled lamb's leg. Pretty similar with barbeque. Tasted a bit sweet and savory. It served with tortillas, so you may eat them together. 1 portion only contains 2 lamb chop.
I can't talk much about this, I don't deal with lamb often. :p

Caviar Scrambled Egg. When you put a bit of caviar, you shouldn't put caviar into the dish's name. The sausages was nice as before. Garlic bread was okay. Bacon was okay. I didn't got the scrambled egg so I don't know how did it taste.

Chicken En Croute. As we (me and other food bloggers) agreed to order one of each dish,at last I ordered this one again for myself.hehe.
I love pastry! This dish reminded me of beef wellington. So you already know the idea, huh?
Chicken swelled in pastry. First time they served it, it was cold already. But 2nd time I ordered, it came warm. Yeiy! And it was much better when still warm. The pastry a bit crunchy and savory. The chicken was juicy. I forgot what's in the middle of chicken, but i am pretty sure it was kind of vegetables. I enjoyed this dish so much!

Beef Wiener Schnitzel. Ooooh how I love this! This was deep fried sliced beef. Taste tender, juicy, tasty, and crunchy. It went very well even without the sauce.hahaha. Served with mashed potato which just okay.

Grilled Quarter Chicken Lemon. As you may see the title, it's a quarter of chicken. It was grilled. Tasted salty and juicy. For me it was too ordinary. Anyway, I don't like undone meat. For me it's yucky. As this chicken was pretty huge, the middle of it was still undone and bloody. Yaiks!

Egg Benedict. Id you think this is a burger, you're totally wrong. On the top, it was egg. Yeah. It was egg! How can they made an egg into that shape? Me don't know. But to be honest, I was amazed. Seems like it was pan-fried. But its shape was too perfect. Anyway, it was wellcooked. When you break the egg, the yolk flowed out and it was TEMPTING! Below the yolk, there were some slices of bacon, and sweet mini bread. Again, egg was the hero. I believe even Gordon Ramsay would love

Steak & Egg. I didn't eat this. I found almost empty plate when I was going to eat this.hahaha. So I assume this one was yummy that everybody else compete just to eat it. :D

Laksa. I don't like the laksa. It tasted too milky and tasteless to me.

American Hearty Pancakes. JackRabbit has great sausage! I love love love the sausage.hihi. Juicy, soft but not mushy. The pancakes was also good. Soft and sweet. Their pancakes were not fluffy. Oh, and the bacon was just okay. I prefer the sausage. lalalal~

Butterscotch Pancakes. Same with the former pancakes, it tasted good. But I didn't like the touch of raisin-ice cream which smells like cinnamon. I thought some more fruits would be nice.

Sorry for the poor quality. As it was dim light and we (even) got blackout some times, so it was really lack of light there. I got this Choco Lava as my complimentary because I check in for the first time here at 4square.hahaha. You may also get it just by showing your check in to the waiter.
Anyway, the choco lava was superb. Love the rich moist choco cake with hot melting dark choco!! The mocca ice cream gave balance to the rich chocolate. As decoration, there was cute rabbit chocolate with cherry inside it. NYUM!
Guilty pleasure came after.hahahaha

Apple Pie. As ordinary apple pie, it taste sweet and cinnamon-y. That was sorbet shich tasted light and refreshing. Really good for dessert. :D

Tiramisu. 3 words: Light, sweet, coffee. Love it!

I ordered Macha Mint Smoothie. Maybe I have to admit, I am not a greentea lover. Hah! It tasted minty, sweet, and vanilla-ish. Vanilla made me wanna throw up. :p

Can you see we ate a lot, huh?lol

And we got free voucher valued 300.000IDR from JackRabbit!!! Horeyyy!
Big thanks to JackRabbit and Goorme. Sure I'll be back soon. Wanna join me? :D

Cyber 2 Building
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said X 5 No. 13
(021) 2902-1357


Catherine Au Jong said...

unique restaurant! lots of foods too :)

Inge said...

Thanks for sharing with us.
I enjoy reading your blog and looking out for good places to eat in Indonesia.
I was just wondering, how did you get to be invited to food tasting panels and such? :p

sara said...

@cath: iyaaa. You should make a visit someday deh. hihi :)

@inge: You're welcome! So happy to hear that. :D
I don't know, i was just blogging, blogging, and blogging. And one day somebody invited some foodbloggers (included me) to join a gala dinner, then after that i got next invitation and so on. :)

Jendry said...

ah i missed the desserts :(

sara said...

don't worry. You may get it at your next visit masbro!huahahahahaha

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