Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tokio Kitchen

Tokio Kitchen is a hip now.
I went there just right after they first opened, but I forgot I haven't posted it yet. :p
Tokio kitchen. Offer us sensation of Japanese food street. WHere we can order our dishes directly to the stall and get them served on our table later. When i came by, it was very very very crowded. Maybe because it was weekend.hihi
Oh btw, since its been ages, I had thrown away the bill, so I don't remember the name of the dishes and its price. Please understand. Lol

Onigiri. Just ordinary dishes. The prawn was fresh. Ah nothing special about it lah.

Katsu Burger! It costed me about 30K, and I thought that's worth it. I liked it. Even burger is only an ordinary dish, but from all the dishes I tried here, this one was the second best. The deep fried chicken was juicy and a bit salty. The bun was nice. Not too much lettuce and tomato. A slice of cheese which half-melted. French fries was crunchy and salty. Bunch of loves!

Takoyaki. Not recommended. Too mushy and I couldn't taste the squid. Tasteless and ...... well, not recommended.

Ah I forgot. It's kind of deep fried meatballs. Costed me about 30K. And this one was the best of all. The meat was juicy, tasteful, savory, and everything just perfect. The question is, does 30K worth 4 meatballs? :)

Okonomiyaki. It's definitely takoyaki's friend. They have many things in common, and this time, including taste. I don't like it. Gaaah!

It's supposed to be grilled chicken skin or something like that. Tasteless. Plain. Even have no grilled-fragrance. Blah.

Beef tounge. This one was much better. Not too tough, and tasted sweet with grilled-smell which i like. :D

Errr.. forgot this one. But i'm sure it was a fish, and smelled fishy. Sorry, I can't stand of negative smell. Yaiks!

Banan SPlit. This one pretty nice. The banana wasn't too mature and yet not too rare. nice texture, it was

Waffle. Just okay. Not recommended but still edible. The waffle was just so so. Small portion. Well, chocolate ice cream would never be wrong to me. :p

They called it rainbow something. I forgot.hahaha. But this one was pretty refreshing! You may see it from how it looks like. Slurp! :9
It consist of ice, syrup, sweet and dense milk, pineapple, strawberry, melon, and peach.
The only thing wrong about this was the shape. What the h*ll is that?hahahah

This is the cashier. How cuuuuuteee. :D

Tokio Kitchen
Central Park Lantai 2
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Grogol Petamburan, Jakarta Barat
Telp (021) 29200028.


Melly's Preference said...

Sepertinya tempatnya pewe yaakkkk

Hai Saraaaaa.... ini melllyyy :)

sara said...

hai melyyyy!
Iya lumayanlah. model2nya mirip urban kitchen sih menurut gw.hehe (yaiyalah org masih 1 grup) :p

btw foto lu masih ada d gw loh. Yg di tenten. yg kita dengan hebohnya pake kacamata hebring itu. Yg b4 fotonya. terakhir2 gt d print-in lg sama masnya. lu cm dapet 1 kan.hehe. Hr sabtu ini ada k omo!chicken ga lu? ntr gw bawain.hehe.

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