Monday, April 4, 2011

The Charcoal

The Charcoal has opened since not too long time ago. This is their first outlet. Grand Indonesia.
I've seen it for pretty long time, and I decided to make a visit someday, and here i was. :)

Ishiyaki Bibinba (55K). Don't know what does Ishiyaki means, but i was pretty sure that this was beebimbab, just like korean food that i love. The taste wasn't disappointed me. Prett well. Hot stone, half-cooked egg, and well cooked veggies brought a superb result. Oh they gave me small slices of nori too. I love it. Even the spice wasn't strong enough, but it was very very edible for me. :)

Nabeyaki Udon (78K). Well, i love udon, but this one was too plain for me. Seriously. I guess they need more spice. The broth was just okay (it was prawn broth), the tofu was just fine, the other veggies were just fine, the prawn tempura was poor. It was crunchy at first, but since they put it into the bowl, so it became soft... errrr... too soft i think. A very terrible condition for a tempura. Yaiks!

Sushi Ebi Tan was great! simple sushi roll, tasted a bit sour and fresh. Even my owner's mom loved it. She said this was the best sushi in her life.hahahaha :p


Anonymous said...

Ishiyaki itu maksudnya hot stone, klo bibimbab aja ya nasi campur sayur disajikan diatas mangkok biasa, klo ishiyaki bibimbab berarti nasi campur sayurnya disajikan diatas hot stone bowl :)

Ta-chan said...

Hi! First visit to your blog... Keep up munching the good foods (and the review as well!). Btw, Ishiyaki means stone-grilled in Japanese ^^

sara said...

@anakjajan: ic. thx ya. :)

@Ta-Chan: oh sure. really really sure.hahahaha. Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy. hihi :)

Fellexandro Ruby said...

78K for a bowl of udon with soggy tempura. *glek*
what a disappointment. =(

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