Thursday, May 26, 2011

tin pan alley

Heyho! Banzai!
Just remember i've been to this bistro and haven't posted it, so here I am. heheh.
Many months ago, Tin Pan Alley opened, and became words of byword of many people. So I really2 excited to try, at least once. But well, I got there twice anyway. Maybe once wasn't enough. :D

The atmosphere was pretty nice with dim light. They separate smoking and non-smoking room without any separator. (Well, it was pretty annoying to me.)
The ambiance was about black and white with old-looked style.

This is their menu. Pretty much American Bistro-ish, rite? :)

Grilled Pork Sausage (89K). Hmm...... To be honest, i didn't like it. The sausage was too dry and hard to munch. I even got my jaw weary.hahaha
I don't know how they made it and why it was such a bad sausage. I thought sausage would always be great. :(
Fortunately, the sauce was pretty good. It's BBQ sauce anyway. The veggie was nice. Soft but not too flabby. French fries was the best! hahaha

Hawaiian BBQ Ribs (165K). This one is my fave!!! The ribs was super great. Mild, very soft, rich, nice, and YUMMY!!! Really wellcooked. The spice soaked into the meat. I guess they grilled it in the exact perfect degrees. Thumbs up! The hawaiian sauce balanced the heavy taste of the meat.
The worst part of this dish was the small portion of the rib, which fortunately saved by french fries and veggie so you don't to worry about you're going to be in hunger in a minute.hahah.
I put 8.5 from 10 to this dish. Price tells a lot, huh? :p

On my 2nd visit, I tried Pork Chop (98K) . (Again) They did it very well.
It was pretty similar with grilled chicken or chicken steak, but it was pork. Yeah, my owners are pork lover.LoL.
The pork was pretty good, but i found some vein ( I don't like vein btw). Oh, and this time was mushroom sauce, which a bit salty and went well with the pork. Because the pork had not much taste.

And this one was Mid West Pork Burger (59K). In Jakarta, it's very hard to find pork burger. I found one here, and It went with cranberry sauce!! Can you imagine that? I was so curious, so I ordered one.heheh.
Buns: Okay. Nothing wrong about it.
Lettuce: Not too much and not too few. Very fresh.
Pork: Rich and juicy. It was deep fried pork chop anyway. And melted cheese on it was like its soulmate.
Cranberry sauce: Have you ever imagine how pork could go with cranberry sauce? For me it was pretty weird at first. But as I was getting used to it, it pretty nice. A bit sweet and sour for juicy and only a bit salty pork chop.

They called it Tic Tack Toe (35K). Hmm.. interesting name. I ordered one. Taste nice and refreshing. It was orange juice with passion fruit and melon, and furnished with lemongrass.

Strawberry Lemonade (29K). If you wish for sweet lemonade, you are wrong.
Here, the lemonade was sour. Plus, I chose the strawberry one, so they put strawberries and made it even more sour. Yeiy! But I guess this is girl's choice.hahaha

Blackcurrant Tea (25K). Well, this one was just ordinary tea with blackcurrant fragrance. Nothing special about it. :)

CHoco Truffle Cake (29K). Me very likey!!hihi.
Rich and moist chocolate made me fly!hahahaha.
Anyway, it was too small for me. Aaaaaaa. :(

Opera cake (29K). Love this too! Coffee and chocolate in one slice of cake. Yeiy!
Bitter sweet world was hereeee. ~ I'm gonna dance dance dance! Wohooo!

Tin Pan Alley


Stevenny said...

count me on u to try the Aloha burger. I'm a big fan of that one from Tin Pan Alley lovers

sara said...

Is it that good? Oh you made me drooling. :p

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