Friday, April 1, 2011

Food Testing Panel (Pasta de Waraku)

Ahoy! I am back with another story of Food Testing Panel (or in my words, free yummy food. :p) from Ismaya. This is time for Pasta de Waraku! wohoooooo!
As the former gathering, I could order everything I want and eat 'till the end of the day.wahahaha. Unfortunately, I still had my limit, so I 'just' ordered these dishes.:D

This is chicken teriyaki twister. Twister is Pasta de Waraku's new dish. It's made from their pizza crust which is so so so so thin and crunchy, and filled with salad and potato puree. In this case, it also contain chicken teriyaki which was sweet, crunchy, tender, and nice! :D
the puree and salad was cold, gave fresh effect into it.
love this a lot. They used fried chicken karaage, mixed it into teriyaki sauce, and poured some sesame. In my opinion, this is the best twister of all.:)

Err.. i forgot what's this. :p
Well, it was a twister, just the same with my former explaination, but i forgot what kind of twister.heheh. So sorryyyyyyyyyyy. :(

Grrrr. Damn! I forgot this one too. :(
But I remembered that this was quiet good.hehe

This is Seafood Soup Pasta. So bad it contained crab meat so I shouldn't eat it. Blame it to my crab meat allergenic! :(

This one is pretty rare. This was Seafood Pasta with Black Ink Sauce. What's the different with another black noodle? The pasta isnot black. The sauce is the one that give black color. So when I ate this, my teeth had a lot of black spot. Oh noooo! But don't worry. The taste was worth the black spot within your teeth. :p
They cooked the pasta really well. The sauce not too taste, but as it made from squid ink, is wasn't smell fishy, and it tasted savory. :)

Kimchi Al' Aglio Olio. I hated kimchi. For me, it tasted too spicy and too sour. I don't i should take my words back or not, because Pasta de Waraku made me love it.wahahaha. This Olio was sooooo gorgeous. Can't you see how good it looks? Can you taste the goodness in it? It taste super well. I guess I'll order it again when I make my next visit here. :)
To gave 'kimchi effect', they put some small cubic cabbage into it. The taste was savory and a bit sour spicy, but the balance in it made me fall in love. :D

Basil Prawn and Tako. I guess i once tried this dish before. It smelled good. The prawn was big enough to made me drooling.ahaha. The pasta was wellcooked and the dish was nice. Thanks to the basil for becoming a hero here. :D

Bacon kimchi Pizza or Kimchi Bacon Pizza. I don't know which one is right.heheh. Well, I loved this too! The bacon was brilliant. Taste so good. Not overcooked yet not raw. The kimchi didn't do lot of work here, but i think it's good for nothing ruin the taste of the bacon. :)

Bulgogi Pizza. I ordered this because in the picture there's a lot of beef there. But when i ordered it, this one came to my table; not as much as in the picture i saw. Well, i tried to accept it, hope the taste would take me higher. To be honest, i didn't. But fortunately, it wasn't too bad, so i took this as still edible thing. :)

This was choco milkshake or cold choco ya? hmm. Damn. I got short term memory. ggrrr. Ah let's go straight int my opinion about this beverage.nyehehe. It was owesome! Maybe because i am a chocolate lover.hehe. But i love chocolate, i love whipped cream. That's why i am this huge. But i don't care as long as i am hapy. wohooo!


Betacenturia said...

I hope someday I can eat em with you guys

sara said...

segeralah bikin blog makanan and join us! :p

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