Saturday, March 26, 2011

Food Tasting Panel (Mr. Curry)

Today i'll make you all jealous with me. I'be been invited by Ismaya Group to join food tasting panel for Mr. Curry and Pasta de Waraku. Well, in other words, free yummy food.hahahaha.
First, i went to Mr. Curry. As i have been there, twice before. (this is my first visit, and this is my second visit), I really think they have a lot of improvement from the service and the dishes. At this time, i tried some new dishes i never tried before. wohoo!

This Seafood Rice Pizza. I'm not kidding, it was just superb! I totally love it. It was light but buttery. They made pizza from rice, and put squid and prawn with mozarella and mayo on top, then bake it. The prawn and squid weren't overcooked, and the rice was similar with the one in sushi, so it wasn't too solid, but also not too loose.

Nah! This is one of their new menu. Hotate and Prawn Omurice. Hotate means scallops, and prawn means prawn.hahaha. It was rice covered with omelet and butter sauce. If you order this, you may choose the rice, tomato or butter. I choose butter. Damn good! I love butter i love butter i love butter! *that's why i am this huge*hahaha. Maybe it is common to have fried rice covered with omelet, but there's no where you will get this good. :)
Well, i guess butter with rice and omelet are never go wrong, aren't they? So the scallops and prawns were not the heroes.

This is Beef Omurice. The beef was tender and yummy! The sauce was just right, not too salt and not too sweet. The omelet was thin and light.
As the former above, you also may choose the rice. I chose butter. :)

This is Chicken Katsu Omurice. This time I chose tomato rice. And................ i regret. Not because it was bad, but because i love butter more than tomato.nyehehe :p
The chicken was thick, and the flour cover it was even thicker. Maybe this is not the best choice, but still pretty good, moreover for chicken katsu lover. :)

This is Takoyaki (left) and Salmon Roll (right), if i am not wrong. The takoyaki was nice and tender. The sauce was just right. Beside that, the Salmon Roll (pardon me if i', wrong please. :p) , i dont know, because I was too full to eat more. *believe me, this is not often happen, so please mark it.hahaha*

Wait!! I forgot. this is esspresso something.hehe. Sorry i forgot the name, but i remembered the taste.hihi. Just a typical of coffee, smells good. The combination was great, so it wasn't too bitter (i hate bitter) and cool (blended ice).

This is my mango lazzie. As the waiter's explanation, the difference between lazzie and milkshake is: milkshake is not blended, and lazzie is blended. So the summary i got is lazzie is a blended milkshake.hahaha. I thought mango lazzie will be a bit heavy, but i was wrong. This mango lazzie was light and refreshing. It wasn't too sweet and really nice. :)

I was pretty happy to be invited to this kind of event. Hope to be invited again and again and again and again and again!hahahahah.
Big thanks to Ismaya Group. :))


Betacenturia said...

gimme that Chicken Katsu Omurice

sara said...

I WONT! *wink wink*hahahahaha :p

Vina said...

kata waiternya ke gw lazzie pake yogurt, milkshake engga. hehe

sara said...

oiya iya! dia jg blg gt pas gw nanya. lupa tulis. :p
Thanks vin!:D

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