Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Penang (revisit)

Heyho! Tommy's back. As my owner been so busy and sick for a while, now i could meet you again. wohoo!
well, this is a story when i was at Little Penang (again). I don't know why, my owner seems like crazy of Little Penang for a while.hahaha. If you haven't seen my former visit, just click here.

This is a loveable Mie Udang (28.8K). The curry was nice and light, not too bold. But i guessed i need more saltiness in it. :)

This is Mie Goreng India -Indian Fried Noodles (30.8K). In my expectation, it would be sour and spicy, plus a bit sweetness. The fact is it wasn't. It was just sweet and flat. Nothing special. Fortunately, they gave me 2 half-pieces of lime and chilly paste. They helped me a lot to encourage the taste of this dish. After all, it tasted much better than before. yuhuuu!

This is Nasi Goreng Claypot- Clay Pot Fried Rice (34.8K). It was just an ordinary friend rice which served in a hot claypot. I even almost sure that the rice was just warmed up, not fresh cooked.

This is Mie Teow Chew (30.8K). Well, i guessed this one is the best of all. The noodles was soft and thin. A balance of spiciness and sweetness, smells good and tasty. love it! :)

for the drink, to be honest i never ordered anything else than ambula. and i've showed you on my last post.hehe.


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