Friday, November 26, 2010


for who live in pluit - muara karang area, maybe this place sounds familiar. yeah, goli stands for goyang lidah. it's a kinda hawker stall (kaki lima) between GKY Pluit and Stella Maris. :D
they sell soto. soto babat, soto daging, soto ayam.
and all of them are DAMN YUMMY! :)

this is their soto daging. you may choose the gravy; the coconut milk one or the clear one. they're all yummy. hihi

and this is their soto ayam.

the price is only 11K per portion. and 4K for a plate of rice. ;)


Rubs said...

whoaaa, i've missed this so much. masi inget susahnya makan ini, cepet abisnyaaa. tapi bener" bikin lidah goyang.

sara said...

iyaaaah. bener bangetttt. cabenya jg asik gt pedesnya. trs minumnya teh botol. *ngeces*hahaha

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