Monday, November 15, 2010

Pizza Boutique (revisit)

finally i made the next visit to here. :)
here is the story..
actually i just missed their dessert pizza so much. but as you know, Pizza Boutique has weekdays promo which is different each day, so i asked the waiter about what is the promo of the day. he looked confuse and answered that he didn't know. i guess he was new.

so i ordered Black Forest (39K for small size and 52K for regular size). first, i ordered the regular one. as i didn't want to eat too much that time, so i just ordered that.

since i was curious about the promo, after i ordered, i went to the promo board and read it. written that that day's promo is free dessert pizza for main course purchase. then i asked the waiter about this. i didn't know where were the other waiters, that seems-new-waiter came to me, so i had no other choice, i asked him. he looked confuse and said that if we bought a main course, we would get free dessert pizza. and he also said i might choose the size too. then i made sure by asked him if i ordered a main course on the menu, so my dessert pizza was free. and he tried-to-be-sure-looked answered yes. so i chose Lasagna (58K). apparently the lasagna was good. the taste was tomato-y that it was a bit sour -yet fresh. :)

and i ordered ice lemon tea (19K) and this is refillable.hehe.

oh i almost forget. when the lasagna came, a waitress bring it to me, and said that we had a wrong information. free dessert pizza was only valid for minimal 150K bill. then i said, the waiter didn't tell me that, and actually i just want the dessert pizza, but as i was told if i would get this free if i made a purchase for a main course, so i ordered lasagna. i guess this waitress was the manager because she took a decision to let me had the free dessert pizza because the lasagna was made and i ordered it not because my fault. but they would just give me the small size of dessert pizza. as i thought it was fair, so i accepted.

so , the main point is I GOT A FREE DESSERT PIZZA here. hahahaha :)
and so sorry to the seems-new waiter. i thought the manager would just mad at him.heheh

Pizza Boutique
Plaza Indonesia Ext. level 4
phone (021) 3199 6655


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