Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Warung Ngebul

Bandung famous of its eatery world getting bigger and bigger each day. Every time my owner goes there, she do a lot of preparation such eating schedule, which take most of my time, and visiting route.
Vabyo, a well-known writer and seleb, has a small eatery house in Dago. Warung Ngebul it is. Interested with the fun concept that offers many light bites at reasonable price, my owner and friends decided to give it a try. 

Located in the heart of Bandung city, a small place with dim light and simple decoration. They had some old games such congklak, snake & ladder, etc. 
Vabyo was very friendly. My friend even got his book signed and we took a photo together. :)

Nori Krispi Kulit Tahu Bakar - 15K. Do you have any idea what is it? Well, actually it was grilled seaweed covered with tofu skin, with aci (sago powder mixed with water). Yup, unique. I never tasted this kind of dish before. It tasted savory and plain. Savory came from seaweed, and that's it. I didn't love it much, but it's fun to try it. 

Fusilli Carbonara - 18K. It came in a medium plate. The portion wasn't big, but considering this as a light bites, it was very okay. Surprisingly, it tasted so yummy! I loved it. Looked very simple. It wasn't milky, very light, savory and salty enough. In shorter way, I could call it yummy. There were pieces of sausages, and grated cheese on top. 

Mie Goreng Ngebul Spesial -15K. Another surprising dish. Basically this was instant noodle that cooked in certain way. They put sausages, vegetables, meatballs, and cheese on top. Easy cooking, but delightful to me. Well, this wasn't a fancy dishes but it was loveable. 

Roti Keju + Daging Asap (10K IDR)- Cheese bread and smoked beef. It was deep fried smoked beef rolled in bread loaf with cheese inside. Of course I loved it. Tasted savory and a bit salty with a hint of sweet from the bread. <3

Overall, I loved the place, even it's too narrow or somewhat, but affordable good food, easy bites (you dont have to think when you eat) and warm chit chat, Who will say no? :D

Jalan Ir H Djuanda 230 Bandung (Near McD Dago)


lovlavluv said...

Must try when i go to bandung

Please visit and follow my blog

Thank u,

An Nur Khairisa said...

Roti keju n daging asapnya mantep, risolesnya juga soalnya ada keju melelehnya enaak hahaha....

sara said...

@Icha: Iyaaah. Affordable banget pula harganya.hahaha


Warung ngebul is cheap isn't it? Biasa fusili ga dpt deh 18rban deh, boleh nih cobain kalo lewat di Bandung

sara said...

Iyah. Terjangkau bgt. Tempatnya emang bukan yg mewah2 gitu sih. Cuma kecil di pinggir jalan, cari parkir jg agak susah. Tp fun banget untuk dijajal. :))

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