Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paradise Dynasty

Another food paradise opened in Jakarta last few months ago; Paradise Dynasty. Offers individual chinese dishes, Paradise Dynasty opened their first outlet in Jakarta at Plaza Senayan. Oriental ambience welcoming me as I walked in. Just like another Chinese restaurant, many family came to Paradise Dynasty to have family dinner (I came on Sunday). 
As I mentioned above, they offers individual chinese dishes. Means, the menu is more into la mien, or other chinese dishes that eaten individually. So I guess, their positioning is not family restaurant but more into meeting point restaurant or hang out restaurant for middle executive. But apparently, it's stick in our head that chinese restaurant is family restaurant. So here I was, seeing many families having lunch together. :)

They have open kitchen where we can watch the chef making our lamien/noodle. Their recommended dishes are la mien and xiao long bao. Can't wait to try!

Sliceed Pork Garlic (38K). IMHO, this was great! Out of my expectation. Pardon me if I'm wrong, because I don't really remember exactly what it is. For sure, it was slices of cucumber rolled in (pardon me if I'm wrong) pork slice and covered with minced garlic and sauce. The cucumber was cold, but the pork wasn't. So when I ate it, it was very refreshing. The garlic sauce was very tasty, which went super well to the cucumber and pork. The right choice to tickle my buds.

Black Truffle Xiao Long Bao  (108K).  They have a lot of xiao long bao variants. Some people says, the worst looking food has the best taste. Remembering that quote, I chose a black color xiao long bao. :p I never ate this type of xiao long bao, I usually only eat the ordinary ones. Well, let me finish my review about this black truffle xiao long bao. It contained pork, of course. Xiao long bao without pork is like sky without cloud. lol. As a black xiao long bao, nothing special in it. But as a ordinary xiao long bao, it tasted so good. The water (which was broth) was perfect, savory and not too salty. The pork was simple-seasoned and went well with the broth. The skin a bit thick, but that's okay. Not a big deal, since the filling was good. :)

Lamien Poach Marble Beef (58K).  What surprised me in this is the broth (which was thick and condensed) contained a lot of black pepper. So when I tried to swallow, it felt like my throat burning. Lol.  On the other hand, I was hooked. It was addictive. Even I've been sweaty like hell, a part of me want some more. :p
Anyway this is their noodle. Thin and silky. 

Lamien Pork Belly (58K). The broth reminded me of Ikkousha. It was thick and rich. It had half done egg too, which gave me sensation of heaven when it stirred to the broth. 

Lamien Pork Dumpling Chili Sauce (45K). Aha! This is my fave. Imagine sour and spicy in one bite of noodle and dumplings. Yeah, that's exact how it tasted like. The sourness was more into vinegar or somewhat, but for sure it wasn't lemon or lime. The noodle had the clear broth separated, but it was already flooded by some tasty water (I usually call it as cep. It is few thick broth). 

Rice Ball Peanut (25K). It was like a hot mochi, with black sesame filling and peanut topping. It was nice. Me loved it though. The mochi wasn't too thick and wasn't too thin. As it was hot, the black sesame filling turned liquid. 

Overall, I loved all the foods I ordered. The quality was great, the portion was big enough, even for me. The taste also awed me well.  I promise I will make another visit.  :)

Paradise Dynasty
Plaza Senayan, Lt.5, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
(021) 57900146


Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Love all the food you tried, i mean ALL! Haha. It's not so easy to find fine lamians, but you mentioned this one from Paradise as being thin & silky! Oh heavens, I am SO going there soon =)


Looks yummyy!!

sara said...

@Ellyna: Yeah, me too. Sangat puas dgn semua yg gw pesen itu. hihi. Me also so going there soon. :p

@OMGF: They are. :))

Lovebbi Suryanto said...

jadi pengen coba.. kalo ke PS harus makan ini :p

sara said...

@Lovebbi: Iyaaaah, cobain deh. Gw suka banget. hihi

Ata said...

Wanna go there SOON to try the lamien and black truffle xiao long bao!! thanks for the review <3 <3 also, visit my blog if you have time :))

elvina febriani said...

I tried this place once with my dad.. he's very picky when we're trying out new places to eat, but he LOVES the lamien here.. I can't agree more, the lamien is super.. even the broth is very delicious..

I hope u don't mind if I put ur link on my blog, i hope we can exchange links.. :)

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