Friday, February 10, 2012

The Baked Goods

Sabang Street is famous of its foods. The Baked Goods had just joined to tone up the 'food-living' there. I was so excited. Many people talked about The Baked Goods, none of them said a bad thing. 
I really wanted to pamper my sweet tooth. So here I was. Brought all the curious I had. *big grin*

Bublanina. This one was my fave. It's a Czech cake. To be honest, I never found this before. 
It was just like a sponge cake with crumble on top and strawberries in the middle. The strawberries were easy-mixed with the dough, so the texture was different and unique in a good way. Tasted sweet and a bit sour when it came to the strawberries. 

Dark Choco Walnut Pie. The pie was not too chrunchy. Me prefer the crunchy one. :(
The chocolate wasn't too sweet, i liked it. 

Lemon popseeds. Me love love love the lemon glazed on the top. It looked like icing sugar but tasted lemon-ish.  The sponge cake was not sweet. The sweetness came from the glaze. Anyway, this one was one of my favorites. :)
Cost me not much; 19K. But I admitted the size was tinier that usual. Well, that's a good thing for me, so I could try more variants of cake thet have. hihi 

CocoChoco.  I fell in love when first saw it. But unfortunately, I lost it when I tried it. :(
For me, it tasted like old cake that had been kept in fridge for days. So dry and not tasty to me. Grated dry coconut on top, just gave another dry sensation. 

Dark Choco Rum Cake. I'm not a big fan of rum. And for me, this cake is more like rum cake rather than choco cake. It had very strong hint of rum. 

Spinach, Smooked Beef and Mushroom Quiche. To be honest, this is my first quiche. lol 
And seemed like I'm not a fan of it. hehe
In my opinion, quiche is like savory pie. Instead of jam or fruits or chocolate, it has spinach, smooked beef, mushroom, and other savory things. 

They also sell cookies, and there were jars of tasters! Anyway, the cookies tasted nice. Me love all their cookies. :))

The place was pretty small and neat, located at a hoek position, beside Kopitiam Oey. 
The ambience was simple and sweet. So cakeries. :)

The Baked Goods Shop 
Jl. H. Agus Salim no. 16
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
Phone : 021 - 30 9090 15


cindy said...

wah sar pesen nya banyak bener.....pengen balik ke sana lagi jadi nya

sara said...

Iyaaaah. Ini dalam 1x dateng. Cuma berdua. Dan masnya ky bingung gitu kita nambah2 terus makannya.hahahaha

alidz said...

Hai Sara, salam kenal yaa.. selalu lewat situ pulang kantor tapi blum pernah nyoba ni.. Boleh dishare dari sisi kisaran harganya? Thank youu :)

sara said...

Hai Alidz,
Nice to meet you. :)

Kisaran harganya ga mahal2 amat kok. Slice cakenya 19rban. Tapi ukurannya lebih kecil daripada slice cake pd umumnya. hehe

lovlavluv said...

nice recommendation

please visit and follow my blog :)

Thank u,

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