Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bandar Djakarta

Heyho everyone! 
It's time for seafood. I know, i rarely post about seafood, i don't eat seafood much, but it doesn't mean i don't like it. :))
I was at Flavor Bliss (Alam Sutra) and I saw Bandar Djakarta there. Yeah, Bandar Djakarta opened their branch at Alam Sutra, so we don't have to go to Ancol every time we're craving for Badar Djakarta. Nice!

The uniqueness of eating at seafood restaurant is you could see the 'sea-creatures' and choose which one and how much you want it. Then you may order how do you want it to be cooked. 

Kangkung Cah Tauco - 12K IDR. I loved it. It was well-seasoned and balance. Not too spicy, and not too salty. 

Udang Pancet Besar - 11.5K IDR/gr. I chose it to be cooked with honey sauce. Well, no honey-smell, but it tasted sweet and savory. They grilled the shrimp and mixed it with honey sauce. Seems like they put oil too, so the shrimps were shiny. Me loved it. 

Cumi Goreng Tepung (Deep Fried Squid) - 6.5K/gr. I loved it too. Very chrunchy and tasted savory. Moreover when I dipped it into sambal, whoaaaah, I'm drooling now. ;p

Sayur Asem - 3K. Came in a small bowl, it was a soup with a lot of herbs and veggie. Tasted a bit sweet, sour, and spicy. The sourness different with lemon, because it used asem jawa. Me gusta!

Ikan Ilak (Ilak Fish) - 13.7K/gr. I chose to cooked it with cabe ijo (green chilli). So they grilled it, then pour minched cabe ijo throughout the fish. For me, it's not highly recommended, but still edible, of course. I prefer sweet and sour sauce or another common sauce. But not this one.  

We got free lalapan (a basket of raw vegetables) and sambal (Indonesian style chilli). 

Coconut - 15K. In a hot hot day, it was very very helpful to me. Lol 

Overall, I loved the food. The ambience was Sundanese, where we can lesehan (sitting on the floor with low table). Me starve for more. :D

Bandar Djakarta
Pintu Timur Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

 The Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera (Jalan Sutera Utama), Tangerang, Banten. 
+62 21 53140388

Seafood City
Green Bay Pluit
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu Blok B1 Utara
Muara Karang - Jakarta Utara


irene said...

gue jg suka bandar jakarta! duh udangnya bikin ngiler hehe. 9GAGGERS yaa?? hahaha me gusta! :D

sara said...

Iyaaaah! Hahahahaha.

Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Sriyus tuh, harganya segitu2? That's kinda cheap...I was expecting it to be much more expensive...

Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Heh? Harganya beneran segitu tuh? Murah2 dong? Gw pikir Bandar Djakarta lbh mahal...

Natasha .V .L said...

wihiyyyyy potonya uda keren nihhhhh ;p

sara said...

@Ellyna: Iyah beneran.hehe

@Nat: Kebetulan aja lg bawa kamera. Jd fotonya lebih proper.hahaha. Biasanya males bawa.hehe

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