Monday, December 19, 2011

Collage - Pullman Jakarta

Hi people! 
This time, my owner were invited to a buffet dining at Collage, Pullman Hotel Jakarta. Pullman Hotel had just opened their first hotel ini Jakarta (they have one in Bali). Located at Central Park, this hotel has direct access to Central Park Mall. 
So bad my owners came late because one of them was in a big matter. Please don't ask what's that. Oh no. Stop asking. I said don't ask! ;)
Anyway, as my owners are in major addiction of Instagram , so today's photos are provided via instragram. I mean, edited with instagram. :) ---> Hey, please feel free to follow them : @rozelina & @ANTZL33

Back to Collage. Collage is an all-day dining at Pullman. Ssssttt. They also had a bar named Bunk. 
Collage provides many kind of foods, they had some blocks of stall. One block for Indian, one block for Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, etc. All the menu change everyday but still sticks to theme of each block. Each blocks had some chefs cooking, and we could watch them making food. 
The foods was average. I mean, what do you expect from an international buffet? The main point of being international food buffet is provide food as much as you can. Not to make something that would become their signature. Well, even it would be better if they had one. But who cares? As long as the food wasn't bad, they're good. 

The place was so comfy, and they also had outdoor seat too. The interior design still sticks with the whole building design, which very similar to art gallery. So bold and different with another five stars hotels. And FYI, I love love love the concept and design of the whole interior. (as much as i saw)

Overall, I enjoyed the dishes. They were good. I saw sushi, sashimi, curry, dimsum, pasta, etc. The also provide cocktails and mocktails if you ask. I heard the price is about 190,000++ IDR/person during weekdays, and 228.000 IDR++/person for weekend. (exclude beverage) 
If you asked about it is worth the price or not, maybe it will come back to you. How much can you eat?  ;)

You have to see their desserts stall! So drooling. 

By the way, most of the photos below are desserts. Yeah, I love dessert. But it doesn't mean I didn't eat the maincourse. It's just I haven't upload the other photos, because they're still in another camera. I will upload them soon. Promise. ;)

Colorful Macaroons. They had different flavor for each color. Yum!

Croissant Pudding. Yeah, it's not bread pudding. It's Croissant Pudding. Extremely yummy!!! And i'm craving for this now. Somebody please bring me one! 

Foie Gras Cream Brulee. - Well, I'm not a fan of foie gras. Don't ask me. ;p

Cold misoba. slurp!

Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel
Podomoro City
Jl. Let. Jend S Parman Kav 28
Jakarta Barat
Tel: (+62 21)29200088


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