Sunday, April 20, 2014

#Magnoffee : Fun Way to Have Coffee

Heyho, people! I’m back! No, not because I’m not busy enough, but because I have something to share with you, and I couldn’t keep it myself for a longer time. :p
What’s that? Hint: It’s something to do with Magnum.

Who doesn’t know Magnum? It is a legendary ice cream in the world. Started with a single variant: vanilla, now they’re expanding a lot. Since the first booming Magnum Cafe few years ago, the hype wasn't stop right there. Magnum still making further steps, which lead to more enjoyment. YAY!

I'm not a vanilla nor coffee person. But when it comes to Magnum and Coffee, this is where my exception begins. The first time I met Cikopi in Magnum Café (Grand Indonesia) few weeks ago, he told me a lot of coffee thingy. Made me come to a question “If you want to have a cup of coffee, then why you are here? Magnum Café is a place for ice cream, not for coffee.” , and warmly he answered “Ah, you must be haven’t tried Magnofee. Try one!”. Then I got myself a mini Vanilla Magnum and a cup of coffee. OMG! Now I can say I’m a coffee person! :p

I remember how I couldn't stand of coffee. Black and bitter. Thanks to Magnum who invented giving me the idea of #Magnoffee. So what is this #Magnoffee thing? Glad that you asked. 

#Magnoffee is the latest trend brought up by Magnum, simply by putting Magnum ice cream into coffee. You can use any flavor of Magnum (mini Magnum is highly suggested) and any kind of coffee. Well, it looks like Affogato, but this one is even better.  Perfect for afternoon coffee time, working company, dessert, just hanging out with friends or family, and any other casual occasions.  

Talking about the direction, nobody can say. I mean, like, everybody has their own way to do anything. And so about this one. Magnofee totally have no rule. You can have it your way.  For example, my sister loves to put Magnum Vanilla into hot black coffee, and then she stirs it around using the stick, until some of ice cream melted. In the other hand, I prefer to crush the Magnum inside the packaging, then pour it all into the coffee. My friend love to use Brownie Magnum for her caffe latte. Need extra topping? You may add cinnamon or sugar or any stuff suits you well. I love grated dark chocolate, and my aunty loves grated ginger.

Having Magnoffee is so fun. I’ve done few experiments until now, and still keep counting. What about you? Make you own creation now!

PS. You can grab your favorite Magnum at nearest supermarket, mini market or any other stores.


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