Thursday, November 20, 2014

BANGO APPS: A Must-Have App for Everyone

Heyho good people!
Been ages since my last post, but this time I got something awesome that I cannot wait to share! This is BANGO APP! Yes, Bango the soysauce brand. After making the most awesome Festival Jajanan (street food festival - kind of), now they make an app. You might wanna know why you should have it. Keep reading readers.

First sight

1. Starving no more coz you can search any good food around you faster, easier, and only one click needed. Don't worry, it also can show you how to get there. I can say this is my favorite feature so far. Yeah, I starve a lot.
my closest food
Featured food

2. You can share info and rate a restaurant/tenant/hawker stall you find or visit. No need to be a famous writer to be a reviewer. And the best part is honest review is welcome. Anyhow, this feature also help you to choose the food suit you better. But don't forget, food is about taste, and everyone has different taste. *wink*
my first review *love love*

3. It's never hurt to get notification about latest promotion. Besides, sometimes you need one. LOL
today's promotion

4. Find recipe is as easy as flipping you hand. No kidding. There are many recipes uploaded daily from users. Yes, users. Means you also can share your favorite recipe so the other can try it too. Lovely, isn't it?
I drool faster than cooking

5. This is the happiest one. You can win Samsung Galaxy S5, Ipad Mini and Samsung Camera just by sharing review using this app. Terms & condition might apply. You might want to check h

Tips & Trick: Don't forget to turn on your 'Location' so the apps can find your location and give you the best choices you need.

In my opinion, this apps is very user friendly and comfortable for my eyes. It uses Indonesian, so there won't be language-clash. You may download the apps on:
Available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Go get yours NOW! Can't wait to share more stories with you. *love love*


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