Monday, September 2, 2013

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaiian Bistro

If you walk down the PIK area to have lunch or dinner or just hanging out, you sure have a lot of choices. Hundreds of restaurant approaching their potential customer with various ways; unique concept, unique food, unique design, etc. 
Let me present you one of restaurant that catch my eyes; Hawaiian Bistro. Located in the corner, the good news is beside good food and good place, it also has good parking lot. Since PIK is not a place you can go without your own vehicle, parking lot become something very crucial. It seemed more vacant, even always be full every weekend, but still acceptable. Big YAY. :)

"How is Hawaiian food look like?", you might ask. According to the chef (who is a native Hawaiian), most of native people in Hawaii is Asian. That's why the food is much influenced by Asian. So don't be surprised if many rice ingredient in the Hawaiian recipe.

It was a sunny day. I wanted something simple and yet refreshing at the same time. My choice was perfect; Lychee Ice Tea. Based from some information I learnt lately, I could say they used black tea as the base, with lychee syrup as additional flavor. Love the presentation. Simple yet sweet. 
Lychee Ice Tea

Hot sun had burnt my energy. I needed food immediately. Hah! I got the answer to my prayer. Lolo Shrimp Wrap looked interesting. Remind me of my childhood favorite appetizer; deep fried sausage rolled with noodle. But this time is prawn; bigger and (look) more mature. :p
Lolo Shrimp Wrap - IDR 38K

Getting bored with sushi roll with salmon? They have Spam Musubi (sushi rolled with spam). If you don't eat spam, don't you worry, they also have other choice: BBQ chicken and chicken katsu. 
Spam Musubi - IDR 22K

 I believe you already familiar with popcorn chicken. If you love it, then you'll love this even more. Mahaka Mochiko Chicken is basically BBQ seasoned popcorn chicken. 
Mahaka Mochiko Chicken (IDR 32K)

 Bistro Bento is my favorite of all, because it contained almost all the best dishes here. Spam, fried dory, BBQ fried chicken (this is sooo goood), and BBQ grill. Happy tummy, happy day. ;)
Bistro Bento (IDR 72K)

 Loco Moco was one of the top dish. Rice woth hamburg beef and sunny side egg, plus brown gravy. Well-seasoned, perfect portion. My mom's fave. :) 

Loco Moco - IDR 65K

Another star brought by Hawaiian Bistro: BBQ Mix. Thin sliced beef, pork, and chicken. Love the flavor and texture. I could lick the the plate until nothing left. If you don't eat pork, just tell the waiter and they will happily change the pork into chicken or beef.  
BBQ Mix (IDR 69K)

Coffee Jelly was a nice closing of the lunch. Coffee jelly with vanilla ice cream and kahlua. I wasn't a big fan of coffee and vanilla. But this one was an exception. Fresh and sweet vanilla ice cream bumped along to bitter coffee jelly. Suprisingly, i loved it.  
Coffee Jelly (IDR 25K)

Who doesn't love shaved ice? Me not. Hot sunny day was a perfect reason to have a glassful shaved ice with ice cream and tutti frutti syrup. 

Overall, I loved the food and ambiance. Price was definitely worth it. In fact, I've been coming back for some times. ;)

Hawaiian Bistro
Rukan Garden House A25
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta, Indonesia 10620
Opening Hour (Jam Buka): Senin-Minggu 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Phone: (021) 29033185


Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Tommy nge-blog lagi..horeeee! =D Banyak yang bilang Loco Moco nya enak ya...tar pas main ke sini gw pasti bakal order yang itu sama Mochiko Chicken ;)

sara said...

Hi El, iya nih akhirnya bs ngeblog lg. :')
Iya Loco Moco nya enakkk. Tp gw lebih suka Bistro Bento, soalnya ky all in one package gt. Ampir semua menu enaknya si Hawaiian Bistro ada di one plate. hahaha :p

Evalyn Bivins said...

All these are looking more and more delicious. Hawaiian restaurants

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