Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[Giveaway] Fruchips: Healthier Way to Eat Your Chips

As a mini bites eater, I often buy chips. You know, Indonesia is a chips-country. You may find many kind of traditional chips here. Lately, as food tech developed well, results many new cooking techniques. Fun? Should be. 

Fruchips is a product made by modern technique. Cooked slowly with corn oil, there's no sugar or other ingredients added. Taste? I'm a big fan. 
Available in 3 (three) flavors; banana chips, jackfruit chips, and snake fruit chips. 
My favorite is jackfruit. :)
Anyway, I found it hard to seek for jackfruit and snake fruit chips in Jakarta. Fortunately, Fruchips has them! YAY! 
Moreover, their banana chips is unique, and has a different taste with common banana chips. 
All of Fruchips variants aren't too sweet, so it's suitable for you who's doing some diet. :p
Craving some? Go and buy ones! Available at Foodhall, Duta Buah, Zen-O, Nano Reflexology Pluit, Harmoni, Total Buah Segar, etc. 
Or just call  62 812 80 800 889 to order. Visit their website on
Price (approx) IDR 19.5K -- slightly different in each store. 

Hey hey! Don't stop reading! Read some more! :)
Banana Chips

Jackfruit Chips

Snakefruit Chips


Yes, this is my first giveaway via blog. Ready to join? :)
Win 3 packs of Fruchips deliver to your door!
Here's the terms: 
1. follow @Yummyfordummy and @Fruchips on Twitter
2. (still on Twitter) post this sentence : "Win @fruchips package from @Yummyfordummy. Read here:   #YFDGiveaway "
3. This game is on until 4 May 2013. Winner will be announce 7 May 2013 in this post & twitter. 

Good luck! :)


We got the winner already, it is.......*drum roll*

Congrats to "@LUMINESTAR" !!!! 

See you in the next post. ;)


Pypy said...

Ini bisa berkalikali ngetwit apa cuma sekali aja yah?

sara said...

Hi, 1 account maksimal 5x tweet ya :)
Thank you

Anonymous said...

5x tweet itu dalam sehari? apa sampe kuis abis? pemenang dipilih berdasarkan apa?

sara said...

5 tweet itu secara keseluruhan, jd sampai selesai.
Pemenangnya dipilih random oleh pihak Fruchips. :)

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