Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Q Smokehouse: Mexican Food Panel

I love smoked meats! It has the best smell a meat could have. Q Smokehouse is an expert in smoked meats. They love to do experiments and they have invented many many many new unique recipe that no one has. Creative!  

Celebrating their 1st anniversary, Q Smokehouse Senopati invited some bloggers and try their new menu: Mexican food! Yeiy. 
So bad, I was a bit sick at that time, but I wasn't sick enough to not come, of course. :p 

Tortilla Soup (35K). Yes, this was good. Recording to the chef, they used three kind of beans for this dish. As it was a tomato based soup, it tasted a bit light and very powerful to kick my buds. 

Watching the chef cooking for us. :)

The chef's preparing tacos for us. 

Fajitas Delight- 135K. Consists of prawn, chicken, beef with fresh salad and soft tortilla. They smelled so good!! When it put on my table, I took photos of it quickly so I could eat it all soon. :p
Fortunately, the taste wasn't disappoint me at all. It tasted so good! I loved it. The beef and chicken was still juicy enough, but well done and well seasoned. 

This is the Tacos made by the chef. Mine was too awful to be showed off. Lol. 
It tasted fresh and yummy. The smell of the smoked meat met the fresh veggie and sour tomato. Slurp! 

Texas Style Barbecue Brisket Platter. Available in 2 size: regular for 200gr  (99K) and light for 150gr (79K). This is one of their signature dish. The owner, who is also the executive chef, said he used stock of rambutan tree to smoke this beef brisket. He also said, he already tried many kind of stocks available in Jakarta, and rambutan tree's stock had the best result. I didn't doubt his choice. He's right. It tasted so nice. The beef was so tender, juicy, and tasty. The bbq sauce was mild enough, so it didn't ruin the beef's taste. 

Crispy Prawn Bistro Pasta - 85K. No, it's not expensive, as it came in an extraordinary size. You can share it up to 3 persons. The pasta was al dente. The prawn was big enough and it didn't smell fishy. The sauce was mild but strong enough to leave a good impression on me. Love this too. :)

Agave Salsa Sorbet. This is also their new fusion mexican menu. They use lemon sorbet, which taste light sour, and fruits (tomato, olives, avocado, and raisins) with a hint of cinnamon and clove. At first I felt strange, but later, I couldn't stop to have more and more. 

I didn't take the picture of the place because they were close for public that day, and they would have an event that night, so the table arrangement was different with usual. But I love the place, it was cozy, neat and comfort.

Overall, I enjoyed all the food their provide. I definitely will come back again someday. See you there! :)

Q Smokehouse
Jl. Suryo No. 20 ( Senopati ),
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan.
No. Telp: ( 021) 723 5728 / ( 021 ) 722 9202
Facebook : Q Smokehouse Factory
Twitter : @qsmokehouse


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Pasta-nya bikin ngiler sore-sore :p


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Amazing foods.

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