Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Strawberry Cafe

Strawberry Cafe has unique concept. Their specialty isn't in food, but in games! wohoo.
yeah, they provide a lot of games, from board games to card games. all the fun games!
well, long time ago (i mean years ago) when i first came here, every game is free, but now some of them require payment. :(
the ambiance here is so forest-y. unfortunately, a lot of mosquitoes if you visit at night.
anyway, let me introduce you with some of their menu. :D

this is chicken bombastis with fettucini (34K). the fettucini was plain. i think they have to add some taste here. but the chicken bombastis was pretty good. it was a breaded chicken filled with sausage. the sauce also pretty nice. i guess it's BBQ sauce.
FYI, if you don't like fettucini, you may order without fettucini. of course with a cheaper price. ;)

Spaghety Bolognaise (23K). even it's too sweet for a me, but still edible. much better compared with the fettucini. heheh.

this is Strawberry in Paradise (23K). yeah, it's strawberry fried rice. the taste was just like common fried rice, but it had some sour when you bite the strawberry.hehe. the red color in the fried rice didn't come from the strawberry. it came from angkak (traditional ingredients with red color effect and so healthy) . :)

This is Sleeping Beauty (15.5K). it was strawberry juice with a bit sweetened condensed milk (susu kental manis) and colorful mesis. let me tell you something, this is NYUM! :9

overall, the place maybe not classy and the appearance isn't too beautiful. but it's not the point. the point is you will have a lot of fun there and it doesn't cost much.nyahahaha. i can't wait for my next visit there! who's with me? :D


Betacenturia said...

Yummyyyyyy, *ngiler Spaghety Bolognaise nya

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